Vinyl & Plastic Tablecloths

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Vinyl & Plastic Tablecloths

If you want to make your indoor/outdoor events easier on your table or table linens, look no further than our collection of durable, while still dashing, waterproof vinyl tablecloths. Made of 100% vinyl, these linens are a perfect solution for spills, dirt, and scratches. Whether you have round, square, rectangle, or oval tables, our modern waterproof table covers are ideal for your Thanksgiving gatherings, baby showers, New Year dining, picnic, potlucks, and other events.

You can show off the beauty of your table or linens with our Eco-friendly Vinyl Waterproof Tablecloth PVC Rectangle Disposable Tablecloth. Looking for an elegant vinyl lace tablecloth? Spread our Lace Vinyl Waterproof Tablecloth PVC Rectangle Disposable Tablecloth atop your plain linens to bedazzle your invitees with the durable elegance of vinyl. If your round table needs some delicate protection, we can help you with our Eco-friendly Vinyl Waterproof Tablecloth PVC Round Disposable Tablecloth.

With our holiday vinyl tablecloths, you can plan as many events and invite as many guests as you want – all of them are affordable, durable, and reusable. Plus, since vinyl is super-easy to maintain, you can forget about any post-party stress.

Still wondering where to buy waterproof vinyl tablecloths? To dispel all your doubts, don’t hesitate to check out for our collection of vinyl tablecloths!

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