Wedding Ribbons

Wedding Ribbons

Now you can give a stylish and personalized touch to your wedding through our decoration with ribbons and balloons. This is an inexpensive yet beautiful accessory that can be used creatively at your reception in several different ways. We provide ribbon decoration on the wall to initiate the festivities at your event. Not to mention, our ribbon table decorations can be a conversation starter for your guests!

You can use our orange satin ribbon to brighten anything instantly! Just paste it on your invitation cards and wedding favors making them unique and special.  Now tie the wedding bouquet and pew bows with our purple rattail ribbon – that is strong and durable, yet soft to touch! Impress your guests by packing your favors in black organza pull ribbon string bows that are lightweight and glittery – to make your gifts appear luxurious and exclusive!

Our red organza ribbon with satin edges will be an integral part of your wedding celebrations. Use it to embellish your table runners and chair sashes – and light up space! Now add elegance to your celebrations with our White Crochet Lace Ribbon With Daisy Wheel Pattern attached to your chair covers and tablecloths. Continue by swathing the pillars and vases in our Glittery Hexagonal Deco Mesh Ribbons to add exquisite sparkle to your function.

At, we understand how small accessories can make a major impact on your wedding decor. Our wedding ribbon decorations are made from the finest material to provide you immaculate sheen and perfection. Visit us to make your selection – to match the theme of your event and your personal style as well!

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