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Wooden Plates


Spruce up your parties with versatile eco friendly reusable plates that are a good fit for pretty much any joyous occasion. The best ecological alternative to disposable plastic plates and an elegant substitute for paper plates, this sturdy bamboo, birchwood, and palm leaf disposable wood plates bulk improve your celebration with a striking earthy appearance, an ecological touch, and robustness to handle the heaviest meals. Being completely biodegradable, these eco friendly disposable plates for wedding and other festivities will degrade naturally into wholesome materials when thrown away into a campfire, recycled or composted, leaving no visible or toxic residuals. They are also considered the best eco friendly disposable plates because they save water and make cleaning up easier. Other disposable dinnerware products may cause environmental concerns, however, our biodegradable plates for wedding and other occasions are made of 100% natural and toxicants free birchwood, bamboo and palm leaf which are highly renewable resources, so you can dispose of these plates with peace of mind. Best of all, you won't have to sacrifice the durability of this organic product.

Our range of eco friendly reusable plates comes in sizes perfect for any occasion. Use our 6” Birchwood Disposable Round Salad Dessert Plates or our 5" Birchwood Disposable Square Salad Dessert Plates for salads and entrees. For appetizers and tasting plates to the dessert course, you can choose from our wide range of disposable bamboo plates bulk and Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Disposable Plates. Whether you are planning a children's party, a barbecue or just entertaining some friends, we have it covered. We have designed our plates to confidently handle ribs and steak sauce without leaking and serve that sumptuous dessert without breaking. Whether the food is hot or cold, these compostable plates for wedding and various occasions are dependable and can handle it beautifully.

Whether you’re looking for plates to serve your guests at a wedding, porch party, luau, or to take with you on that camping trip, these disposable wood plates bulk combines convenience and value. Our disposable party pieces form our Wooden Plates collection are guaranteed to provide an elegant impression that is perfectly balanced with a naturally clean and sophisticated look. It is the perfect party piece to impress your eco-conscious guests. These eco friendly reusable plates will also attract attention with their earthy tone that enchants and with their symmetry that impresses. Let your social functions leave only gratifying memories and no trash.

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