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Wooden Utensils


We offer an attractive and economical alternative to traditional disposable cutlery for restaurants, cafeterias, wine cellars, office break room or take-away events with our renewable and environmentally friendly disposable wooden cutlery wholesale made from wood that is harvested from sustainable forests. Due to their bamboo and birchwood construction, this earthy wooden utensils for eating have a natural appearance that will complement well with the decoration of your establishment or ecological event. You're all set for a rustic themed party with our naturally beautiful eco friendly utensils reusable and fully compostable. This rustic and chic line includes different unique wood pieces, including disposable spoon, forks, and knife which works well with a variety of foods, from salads, side dishes, soups, and desserts. This environmentally smart, renewable disposable wooden cutlery wholesale gives an economical and sustainable choice to other disposable cutlery.

To serve food efficiently, we also have various sizes of Bamboo Skewers to chose from. Use our Natural Twisted Knot bamboo skewers 6 inch to hold a sandwich wedge together and creatively show off your sumptuous hors d'oeuvre, lip-smacking, delicious wraps in an easy way. Using skewers to serve meat and vegetables makes it a lot of fun and less formal as well. They are inexpensive and easily disposable, making it easy to clean up later. For your delectable cocktails, decorate it with our colorful Assorted Parasols Umbrella bamboo skewers 4 inch  Picks for a real splash of tropical brilliance. Our Bamboo Skewers come in all forms of shapes and sizes; Picks with White Pearl, Top twisted, Natural Paddle Pick, Picks with Shell Top, Twisted Knot, Umbrella and so much more. These one of a kind Bamboo skewers are a brilliant source of inspiration for exhibiting your culinary creations. They are also great as give away or a unique house warming gift. Whether for an appetizer or an entree, you can also purchase our Natural Disposable Bamboo wood tongs for toaster, salad tongs, serving tools, and overall kitchen tongs. These exquisite and unique wooden utensils will impress and entertain your visitors.

Our eco friendly utensils reusable are environmentally friendly and an ecological alternative to other disposable utensils. They have a great strength comparable to even steel, so it's strong enough for family get-togethers, holiday picnics, children’s parties, baby and wedding showers, receptions, company luncheons - and whatever special affair you're commemorating. With a variety of types available, we are sure that you can find the perfect pieces for your meal service. Besides, these wooden utensils for eating are designed to avoid splinters and keep your guests safe.

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