Choose The Perfect Chair Covers

A Complete Chair Cover Selection Guide

Chair covers
can make a big difference in the décor and overall appeal of any event. Why settle for ugly, unsightly chairs when you can give those boring, old chairs a glam makeover with accent chair covers that will not only transform them into sassy seats, as well as complement the rest of your setting.

With cheap, yet Upscale Chair Covers offered from efavormart, there is no need to fork out on expensive new chairs or costly chair cover rentals. Although adding chair covers is considered as one of the most affordable and easiest way to level up your wedding or party venue, finding and choosing the right covers for your chair can be a bit challenging. With a wide range of style and size options to choose from, it is easy to pick the wrong one. However, no worries, we have got you covered with this guide on important points to consider while picking covers for your wedding or party chairs.

white banquet chair cover with purple organza sash

1). Determine The Chair Style

First and foremost, you have to figure out the kind of chair you are dealing with. Most popular event chair types available are Banquet Chairs, Folding Chairs, and Chiavari Chairs, with minor variations of each. Fortunately, offers a wide range of covers to fit all these chair types.

chair styles for chair covers

Available in a plethora of sizes and shapes, our Affordable Chair Covers fit all kinds! Whether you wish to jazz up a square top banquet chair or a round top folding chair, an upscale cover for chair with a perfect fit will beautifully serve the purpose of imparting a look of style and sophistication to your otherwise boring metal or plastic chairs.

Many customers confuse the chair types and thus end up ordering the wrong style. Chiavari Chairs is easily recognized, but the styles that commonly get mixed up are banquet and folding style chairs. The two are actually quite different. The major difference is a folding chair has a slanted back, since it’s designed to be foldable. Banquet Chairs, on the other hand, feature straight backs.

Efavormart offers a wide array of Chair Seat Covers to fit all these type of chairs that are unbeatable in terms of quality, prices, styles, and color options.

2). Check Chair Size and Measurement

In order to avoid any confusion and possibility of a wrong purchase, it’s vital that you measure your chairs. Although our chair covers fit the majority of event chairs, it may not fit every possible size available out there.  You should confirm the measurement of your chair’s back, seat, and height to make sure it’s correct before placing the full order. You can always just order a single first to test fitment.

Once you have determined the style of chairs you have (folding, banquet, or any other), review the measurements of the chair covers listed on the product description page, and compared with your chair to ensure correct fitment.

If you find your chair size to be slightly larger than the standard Banquet Chair Cover or Folding Chair Cover style we offer, you can always go with our Universal Chair Cover style. This is a larger pillowcase style chair covers that will fit 99% of event chair styles.

3). Choose The Chair Cover Material

Once the type and size of the chair is decided, the next thing you have to choose is the material  of the chair cover you wish to use. Our Chair Covers come in a huge variety of fabrics and materials to perfectly cater your event and occasion’s theme.

If there is a wedding reception or an exotic evening event around the corner, Premium Satin Chair Covers, or Satin Rosette Chair Covers would be an ideal choice. For an outdoor carnival or a cheerful birthday party, pep your plain chairs up with Polyester Chair Covers or playful Glittered Back Chair Covers will enticingly create that glamorous ambiance. If you wish to bring a chic rustic flair to your country event or a barn wedding, our Burlap Chair Covers will elegantly blend in with the natural surroundings, oozing outdoorsy charm all around!

wedding with round tablecloth, chair cover and chair sashes

4). Pick The Chair Cover Color

Choice of color for your party chair covers depends upon a lot of factors. The theme of your event, the venue motif, the décor, as well as the attire of the bride and groom. All of these aspects play a very important role in selecting the color for your event chair covers, since chairs play an integral role in adding charm and elegance to your event’s ambiance.

We are proud of the wide range of chair cover colors we offer for all chair types and sizes, as we are well aware of the challenges an avid party planner has to face while creating a well harmonized and cohesive partyscape.

Though it is exciting to experiment new and unique colors, the safest choice in chair cover’s color selection will be that of lighter and muted hues, like White Chair Covers or Black Chair Covers. These universal colors go with any theme and every venue, moreover, if you are striving to add a dash of modern style in your minimalist décor, you can always sprinkle a pinch of fun and festive shades by accenting the plain covers with Sequin Chair Sashes, Embroidered Chair Sashes, Sash Buckles, and Pintuck Chair Sashes.

Whichever color of covers you pick for draping your chairs with, be sure that it matches your theme, otherwise having a Chic Chair Cover may go to waste, it can even make your entire ambiance look mismatched and unfashionable!

white banquet chair covers with organge chair sashes

5). Theme of the Event

Another important factor in picking the right chair cover for your chairs is the theme behind your festivity. Though often underestimated, chair covers can gorgeously highlight your party theme if there is a flawless harmony throughout your theme. Otherwise, it may affect the entire look of the ambiance if it clashes.

For weddings and bridal showers, pick the shades in bright hues to reflect your festive jubilancy. Glistening Satin Chair Covers or Premium Milan Chair Seat Covers will add to the celebratory mood of your special event. Incorporate metallics into your chair decorations by pairing the linens with Sequined Chair Caps or metallic Spandex Stretch Chair Belts. For outdoor and nature-theme events, our Burlap Chair Cover and Polyester Chair Covers make a sturdy and classy choice. Flowing Rosette Chair Caps or sheer tulle Chair Slip Covers along with Chair Sashes will augment the beauty of crisp cotton or Polyester Chair Covers. Always consider the big picture, each selection you make should complement the entire theme of your event!

chair covers at a wedding walkway

We hope these pointers will make your chair cover selection task a lot easier and enjoyable. For further assistance in the right color choice, fabric, and style determination, be sure to Contact Us! We will be happy to help!