Choose The Perfect Chair Sashes

How to Choose Chair Sashes For Your Event Chairs


Planning and decorating an event can be quite daunting, with the number of decisions to make it can turn into a nightmare if you are unsure about what to include and what to leave out. Where selecting tablecloths to style your party tables is an essential part of your event design, choosing the perfect chair sashes also plays an important role in accentuating the overall aesthetics of your event.

Chair sashes come in a plethora of colors, designs, materials, and styles that can help you create your desired look but with this many options to choose from, picking one is no easy feat. To help you select the right and elegant chair sashes, we have listed some crucial factors which should be considered before you go shopping for chair sashes. Read on to learn more about the tips and tricks to choose the best chair sashes to make a stylish statement that will make your guests rave about your party decorations!

choose the perfect chair sashes

1). Consider your Chair Type

One of the first things you should take into account before choosing chair covers and sashes is the type of chairs your venue offers. Whether you’ll be able to achieve your intended look with the chair sashes or not. For instance, if the wedding venue has folding or banquet chairs, choose spandex chair sashes or uniquely tie around embroidered chair sashes exuding an enticing charm. If you want to cover the back of your chivari chairs, creatively loop chiffon chair sashes to emanate a chic flair.

choose the perfect chair sashes

2). Pick an Appropriate Color

There is a color for each special occasion and choosing the right color scheme and color combinations can take your party decorations to the next level. Chair covers and sashes come in a rainbow of hues, from rich and vivid shades to subdued and muted colors for understated elegance. Choose chair sashes according to your color scheme to harmonize every aspect of your event design. Consider the color of your chair covers or table runners and pick same hued chair cover sashes to add a gorgeous oomph factor to your event decor or play around eccentric color combinations and select a creative mix of hues for your chair covers and chair sashes giving a flamboyant flair to your chair decoration. Cover your chairs with universal-colored chair covers and adorn them with dark-colored chair back sashes such as burgundy chair sashes or navy blue chair sashes for a riveting contrast exuding regal extravagance.

If you aren’t keen on using chair covers, chair sashes are a great way to add color to your boring and dull-looking chairs. Exhibit grandeur by dressing your chairs with gold chair sashes or silver chair sashes exuding a metallic sheen and scintillating luster. Opt for vibrant-hued chair cover sashes such as red chair sashes or royal blue chair sashes to imbue a peppy charm into your decor or use neutral-toned elegant chair sashes on your wooden chairs like our white chair sashes to impart an imperial appeal.

choose the perfect chair sashes

3). Keep your Theme in Mind

When decorating for a themed event, it is essential that every aspect of your event design is on point to reinforce your theme. The same goes for chair sashes. Choose chair cover sashes that go with your thematic decorations for a harmonized appeal. For instance, our burlap chair sashes will work great for a rustic-themed event. Similarly, for a sumptuous Great Gatsby theme party, pick sequin chair sashes to augment the majestic opulence of your décor. Planning a fairy-tale princess themed birthday bash? Opt for a tulle chair sash or a curly willow chair sash to bring in the magical and whimsical aura. If you are looking for wedding chair sashes for your monochrome themed reception, our black and white striped chair sashes are the ideal choice to help you impart a chic and stylish statement that your guests will definitely rave about.


choose the perfect chair sashes

4). Choose an Appropriate Style of Chair Sash

Another important factor to consider while selecting chair sashes to bedeck your event chairs is the style of chair cover sashes. If you are after a sleek fitted look, choosing our spandex chair sashes for your chair backs will not only impart a sophisticated and refined modern appeal but is also an ingenious option to effortlessly dress your chairs. If you want something dramatic and eye-catching that will steal away the limelight, choose curly willow chair sashes and tie them on your chairs to exude an enchanting allure.

choose the perfect chair sashes

5). Consider the Type of the Event

If you are planning to use chair sashes to elevate your décor up a notch, it is crucial to consider the type of the event. Whether it is a corporate dinner party, an official luncheon, wedding reception, birthday, graduation party or it is one of those informal parties with just your friends and family. There is no doubt that chair cover sashes are a great addition to any event design regardless of the scale or size of the event, but it is also important to select appropriate chair sashes to enhance your party decorations. For instance, for a corporate event or trade show, opt for a classy chair band to decorate your chairs. If you are looking for wedding chair sashes, there is nothing better than our organza chair sashes and satin chair sashes to glam up your wedding chairs. Whereas, for an informal party, unleash your imagination and creativity with polyester chair sashes to add a lovely finishing touch to your event décor.

choose the perfect chair sashes

6). Assess the Size of the Chair Sashes

Chair sashes come in varying lengths and widths, therefore, it is not only essential to determine the size of the chair back sashes but it is also vital to know the dimensions of your chairs to achieve your intended look. For instance, some banquet chairs have elaborately high backs while others have low backs. If you want your chair sash to drop down to the floor to create that whimsical and dramatic appeal, make sure to measure the height of your chair back and choose suitable chair sashes to exude your desired look. Similarly, the width of the chair backs also varies with different types of chairs. If you want to use a fitted chair band for your chair decoration, first evaluate the width of your chair back and then assess the stretching capacity of the spandex chair sashes to make a rational decision.

choose the perfect chair sashes

7). Select a Suitable Fabric Material


Fabric material is one of the key factors to focus on when choosing chair cover sashes for your party. Look for the sheen and the fabric texture of the chair sashes to impart your intended flair. For instance, if you are looking to exude a glistening and glimmering allure, satin chair sashes are the perfect accents to emanate a scintillating gleam. Lace wedding chair sashes and organza chair sashes have a sheer appeal. Whereas, chiffon chair sashes have a lovely draping ability and they can be used for hanging chair sash ideas. If you are searching for something a bit more resilient and stiff to retain the shape of your exquisite bows, use burlap chair sashes or polyester chair sashes to highlight your exclusive tying style. Similarly, sequin chair sashes have a mesmerizing opulent appeal exuding a sparkling and classy extravagance. Whereas, spandex chair sashes are easy to use and have a stretching ability imparting a sleek fitted appeal.

choose the perfect chair sashes

8). Choose a Suitable Design and Pattern

If you have a keen eye for detailing, opt from the exclusive range of Efavormart chair sashes that are available in a plethora of designs and patterns to give a unique touch to your theme party decorations. For instance, a damask flocking chair sash will redefine your French country theme or our intricate embroidered chair sashes are perfect to impart a glamorous charm. If you are going for a romantic floral décor, opt for our riveting vintage floral chair sash to gracefully style your chairs. Looking for modish designs? Choose striped chair sashes or pintuck chair sashes to give a modern edge to your event décor.

choose the perfect chair sashes

9). Choose According To the Chair Sash Cover Tie Styles

The best part about chair cover sashes is that there are many ingenious and different ways to tie sashes on chairs. Undoubtedly, there is a style for each momentous event and distinctively displaying your chair sashes will give you the chance to exhibit your creativity. If you have narrowed down some ravishing ideas for tying chair sashes to accentuate your event aesthetics, it is also important to know if your chair sashes can get the job done or not. Whether you plan on tying chair sashes vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the chair back or you want to tie bows and knots, select chair sashes that help exude the flawless look that you desire. For instance, if you want upright bows that won’t droop away, opt for polyester chair sashes or organza chair sashes to create an epic chair cover sash bow.

choose the perfect chair sashes

10). Select Charming Chair Sash Accessories

There is so much more you can do with chair sashes to highlight and augment your chair decoration. When choosing chair back sashes, consider whether you want to add ornate decorative accessories with the sash or not. Choosing exquisite chair sash buckles will not only add an extra touch of bling to your celebrations but will also help you secure your chair sashes. Execute your intricate chair sash ideas by tying your sashes with chair sash pins giving a posh and stylish charm to your chair décor. Choosing the right chair sash accessories can also help you elevate your theme. For instance, tying sea shells with blue chair sashes on your chair backs will surely add a wonderful appeal to your beach-themed wedding décor. Similarly, for a romantic anniversary dinner party, glam up your chairs with a plush bunch of blooms tied with a rose gold chair sash to emanate a gorgeous sumptuous flair.

choose the perfect chair sashes

11). Determine the Purpose of the Chair Sashes

There is no doubt that chair cover sashes are not only limited to decorating chair backs, they are also versatile accents that can be used to easily spruce things up. Therefore, it is important to know the purpose of using sashes to make the best decision. For instance, if you are planning to use chair sashes to adorn your cocktail table legs or you want to stylishly wrap it around your floral bouquet, pick long chair cover sashes easily wrap it around exuding a chic and trendy allure. Whereas, spandex chair sashes will work great to add color to your huge floor vases, acrylic boxes, and other decorations.
choose the perfect chair sashes

12). Consider your Budget

Although chair sashes are relatively inexpensive décor accessories, it can still be a challenge to fit them in your tight budget plan. Either opt for low-price chair sashes according to your budget or purchase fewer chair sashes to emanate that imperial elegance. Efavormart offers an immense collection of cheap chair sashes to add an enticing and classy appeal to your event design without exceeding your allotted budget. For instance, you can tie your chair back sashes on alternating chairs which will allow you to cut down your expense in half by buying chair sashes for only half the venue chairs. If you are looking for more affordable chair sash ideas for your wedding ceremony décor, purchase wedding chair sashes only for the chairs that line the aisle to exude a chic and modish appeal.

choose the perfect chair sashes

We hope that with these key pointers to guide you, choosing the right chair sashes for your event décor will be easier. Keep these tips in mind while buying chair back sashes to help you narrow down your choices that will complement your event design and theme. Check out our exquisite range of cheap chair sashes to get the best value for your money.

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