Choose The Perfect Table Napkins

How to Choose Table Napkins for Your Event

Organizing and decorating an event can be a really tough task, comprehensive planning and keeping in mind all the tiny details is the key towards a successful event. Where tablecloths to stylishly exhibit your tablescape is an essential part of your event design, choosing the perfect table napkin also plays a vital role in highlighting the overall aesthetics of your event.

With an immense range of mesmerizing colors, designs, materials, and styles available, table napkin can help you make a huge splash on your table settings without going broke. With so many options to choose from, you can pick the one that best fits with your theme. To help you select the perfect and glamorous table napkin for your upcoming event, we have pulled together some key factors which will help you choose the right table napkin for your event. Read on and learn more about the tips and tricks to choose the best table napkin and make them a pleasurable accessory to enticingly accentuate your plain tables and tableware. Heighten the urbanity of your event and let these dazzling beauties assist your guests during dining in the most charismatic way.

Table napkins

1). Consider the Look & Theme of your Event

The most important thing that you should keep in mind before choosing table napkins is the look and theme of your event. For instance, if it’s a wedding reception, bridal shower, or a birthday bash you are intending to accentuate, then sprucing up your tabletop with fancy table napkins will help in achieving the desired look. Efavormart offers a wide range of fabric material in table napkin collection that will help you choose just the right type of table napkins that will go perfectly with your events design. From sequins, velvet, satin, and polyester, to taffeta crinkle, pintuck and paper napkins, we have a stunning collection of table napkins which are available in plethora of colors and styles to match with your desired theme.

Table Napkins

2). Choose Your Style of Fold

While styling our reception tables, we often tend to give heed to accentuating centerpieces, tablecloths, table runner, menus and placemats, but the way table napkins are displayed, speaks a lot about the event’s aesthetics. Sometimes a particular napkin fold is used to highlight certain theme or motif. For example, for romantic and heart theme events, a cute heart fold or a rose bud fold napkin style will surely add a wow factor to your tablescape. A bunny fold can be used to complement your Easter Dinner table setting, for corporate or business events, sophisticated folding styles like envelop fold, crown fold, or French pleat style will give an air of classiness to your banquet tables. If you are a creative soul then our collection of table napkins will help you explore your artistic side in the most exciting way. The soft, smooth and silky texture of our satin, velvet, polyester, and crinkle taffeta napkins will make your styling so easy and smooth that you will fall in love with each fold of your table napkin. Transform your tables with whimsical napkin folds and impress your guests with some fancy table napkin folding styles.

Table Napkins

3).  Consider the Atmosphere of Event

Before choosing the perfect napkin to complement your tablescape, it is crucial to determine the feel of the event. Is the event or atmosphere formal or informal? Choice of napkins depends upon the feel of the function. For example, a high-end event with exotic atmosphere and lavish dining calls for ornate tablescape with baroque tableware and plush napkins.

Table napkins not only provides a unique sheen to your party decorations but also transforms your plain tables into an attractive and appealing decorative feature. If your function is all about glitz and glamour then you need to incorporate fancy table napkins as they can bring life and lavishness with their immaculate brightness. The soft and velvety luster of our satin table napkins and pintuck napkins will add regal touch to your lead tables and will charm your guests with their sheer elegance and fanciful feel.

We offer table napkins in varying hues, styles, and materials to match with your tablecloths, dinnerware, drapery, and to complement your decor in style. For instance, using our fancy table napkin like striped satin table napkin or sequin table napkin will add glam and royalty into your tablescape, making your grand soiree spectacular.

Table Napkins

4). Design and Material of the Table Napkin!

The theme of the event, venue, and tableware helps in deciding the kind of material and design that you choose for your table napkin. In order to cater your event and occasion’s theme, our collection of Table napkin comes in great variety of fabrics and accents. For instance, for a wedding reception or an exotic evening event, satin, crinkle taffeta, or velvet table napkins will be an ideal choice. If you want to add a peppy flair into your outdoor events or a fun-filled birthday party, perk up your tablescape with playful striped, chevron, or big polka dots cocktail paper napkin and enticingly create that glamorous ambiance for your elite parties. These fancy paper napkins will spread that picnic-joy and will be perfect for your cocktail parties, barbeque parties, dinners, birthday parties, showers, carnivals, or high-end commercial events.

Lush velveteen texture and rich hues of our velvet table napkins will add just the perfect touch of luster and lavishness into your upscale evening dinners. Our stunning crinkle taffeta table napkins coupled with satin tablecloth and table runners will enchantingly take your tablescape elegance up by several notches.

Table Napkins

We hope that with these guidelines in mind, choosing exclusive table napkins for your special event will be an easy feat. Highlight your tablescape and express your love in an artistic and trendy style. Follow our tips to pick the best table napkins and wow your guests in the most mesmeric way. Browse through our online store to check out the extensive range of cheap table napkins to get the best value for your money.

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