Choose The Perfect Wholesale Fabric

An Essential Guide on How to Choose the Right Wholesale Fabric


When it comes to interior design or decorating your event venue, efavormart is one of the top wholesale fabric suppliers around. The versatility and flexibility of wholesale fabric gives you the freedom to create exclusive fabric crafts. Using decorative fabric for your home and event decorations can enhance the overall aesthetics of your interior. There is so much you can do with a bolt of fabric to give an eccentric touch to your décor.

Whether you are looking to buy wholesale fabric to make trendy clothing or you want to use it for décor purposes, certain factors need to be taken into consideration before randomly buying any fabric. There are various types of fabric that are available in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. With so many options to choose from, it takes a lot of experience and skill to master the art of picking the right fabric material. Whether you have been in the business for a long time or you are just starting new, this guide will surely help you polish up your skills. We have mustered up some key pointers that will assist you in choosing your wholesale fabric like a pro! Read on to learn more about the basics of selecting the perfect fabric that will allow you to weave magic into your fabric crafts and décor.   

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

1). Determine the Purpose of Using Wholesale Fabric

The first thing you should consider when planning to go on a fabric expedition is the purpose of using fabric. Do you want to cover something to hide the flaws and imperfections or do you want to use wholesale fabric to tailor into things like tablecloths, curtains, chair covers, and dresses? There are different kinds of fabrics for different purposes and every fabric material has its own special attributes that work well for specific designs. Choosing the wrong fabric can turn your project into a disaster. Therefore, you must consider where you want to use the wholesale fabric before you start looking into the available options. For instance, if you are looking to buy home décor fabric to give a new look to your home furnishings, then it is important to consider the fabric texture and the thickness of the fabric. Whereas, if you want to create a ceiling drape, then using a stiff fabric such as raffia fabric is not a great choice. Instead, use a flowy fabric like satin fabric or chiffon fabric to give that desired fluid effect to your venue décor.

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

2). Assess the length and Width of the Wholesale Fabric Bolt

Another important factor to consider when buying a bolt of fabric is to know its dimensions. Fabric bolts are available in varying lengths and widths. First, determine how much fabric you will need for your project. If you are planning a big scale project then it is important to consider the yards of fabric in a specific wholesale fabric bolt. This will help you evaluate how many bolts will be required in total to achieve your desired effect. The spread of the fabric bolt is another crucial factor that you need to consider. From a narrow fabric trim to a wide fabric roll, fabric bolts come in different widths. Select the appropriate width of your fabric bolt that suits your needs. For instance, if you are looking to make table skirts for your party tables, then the width of the wholesale fabric should be according to the height of your tables to achieve full coverage. If your event venue carries odd-sized tables then opt for wide fabric bolts to drape your tables to give an elegant look to your event décor. For adding sheer accents to your party and favor decorations, use a suitable tulle fabric roll to accentuate your accessories.   

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

3). Choose an Appropriate Color

Color is one of the most crucial factors that should be given the utmost importance when looking to buy wholesale fabric. From subtle and muted hues to intense and rich shades, fabric comes in all colors and shades. Picking appropriate colors is essential, therefore choose the color of your wholesale fabric according to the color scheme of your décor. Make sure that the fabric color complements your décor and does not clash with other decorative accessories. You can use bright-colored fabrics to add a splash of color to your decorations. The shade of your fabric also plays an important role in setting the mood of your event. Exhibit grandeur by incorporating metallic fabric in your party décor or opt for our sequin fabric to spark things up and exude an opulent and lavish appeal. Choose darker shades of red fabric or purple fabric to create a voluptuous and romantic ambiance.

However, it is also important to note that colors vary in different types of fabrics. There can be a vast difference in shades of two different fabric materials even if they have the same color name. If you are planning to use a combination of two or more wholesale fabric materials in a single shade then it is important to consider the color variation in different fabrics. Color shades differ either because of the fabric’s lustrous or matte appearance or the fabric weight. For instance, purple organza fabric will not have the same intensity and rich hue like purple velvet fabric. Similarly, polyester fabric has a matte finish whereas, silk satin fabric has a sheen and lustrous surface. Therefore, either pick contrasting hues that work well together to create an interesting and elegant color palate for your event. Or for a monochromatic color scheme, opt for fabrics that have the same texture and appearance to give an enticing visual appeal. For instance, style white lace fabric with white chiffon fabric to create an elegant symphony or exhibit an alluring sheen and radiance by coordinating silk taffeta fabric with velvet fabric to create a breathtaking and luxurious décor. 

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

4). Select Suitable Fabric Texture

Fabric texture is a key factor to focus on when choosing wholesale fabric. Every kind of fabric has a distinct texture that helps to give special effects to your crafts. Look for the fabric’s draping abilities and how it hangs. For instance, Polyester fabric is a stiff fabric with a matte finish and is ideal for giving structure to your furnishings or attire. Use polyester fabric by the yard to make resilient tablecloths, curtains or other home and event decorations. Satin and silk fabric have a soft and smooth feel with a lustrous and shiny look. The glossy and silky texture makes them ideal to use as fashion fabrics as they hang and drape beautifully exuding an elegant charm. Whereas, chiffon and organza fabric are sheer fabrics that are best known for their translucent allure. Velvet fabric is known for its luxurious texture, opt for velvet fabric by the yard to add a sumptuous and extravagant flair to your ambiance. If you are looking for an organic texture, then our premium slub fabric or burlap fabric rolls are ideal to give a natural and visually appealing look to your décor. Similarly, the non woven fabric bolts offered at efavormart works great for all arts and crafts projects.

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

5). Pick an Appropriate Fabric Design

Designers are always on the lookout for trendy designs and patterns for their fabric crafts. If you have a keen eye for detailing, opt from the extensive range of fabric designs offered at the web’s best wholesale fabric store, efavormart, to give a unique and enticing charm to your décor. When choosing designs and fabric patterns it is also essential to consider the theme and interior design. For instance, our exclusive wildlife fabric such as zebra print fabric or leopard print fabric will redefine your jungle-themed décor. For your country style interior, choose silk taffeta damask fabric that will surely be the highlight of your event design. If you are looking for a floral fabric to complement your floral event décor, opt for our sumptuous rose fabric bolts to swathe your plain tables and chairs to breathe life into your interior.

choose the perfect wholesale fabric

6). Visualize your Project

When planning to use fabric for your décor or craft projects we recommend that you visualize your project before making a decision. Paint a picture in your mind of what you want the end result to look like and then think about which wholesale fabric will work the best to achieve your desired look. Also, do thorough research on the latest fashion trends and styles to create chic and modish fabric crafts.

If you find yourself short of ideas, checkout our Inspirational Blogs to get inspirations for your décor projects or browse through our Shop by Instagram gallery to see how our customers have used our fabrics to create one of a kind décor accents.

 choose the perfect wholesale fabric

With these key pointers to guide you through, choosing the right wholesale fabric for all your needs has never been easier. We hope that this extensive guide has helped you narrow down your fabric choices that go perfectly with your décor style. Check out the vast range of discount fabric and work with our high quality fabric that is both durable and cheap and get the best value for your money.