Why Should You Get HB Shipping Insurance?

As much as we hope it doesn’t, bad things sometimes happen to packages. When it does, it often causes disruptions to your plans. When you file a courier claim, it can take 4-6 weeks, and it might not get approved! You don’t want such delays to affect your event, you want it to be taken care of NOW!

HB Shipping Insurance Coverage

Rest easy knowing your order will get into your hands, no matter what. Damages, even if it was caused by mother nature, we got you. Lost packages, including stolen after delivery, we’ll take care of it. When the neighbor’s dog destroys that order you’ve been waiting for, you’re covered. Even when it feels like the world is against you, we’re with you!

Claim Processing Time

We get it, nobody likes anxiously waiting for claims to be approved. That’s why HB Shipping Insurance cases get top priority and are processed within 24 hours.

Insurance Compensation

We’ll send replacements or issue store credit to you as fast as our hands can manage, typically within 24 hours after claim is filed.


HB Shipping Insurance covers the entire transit to you, unfortunately because it’s been used, it’s not refundable upon order return.

File a Claim

If you have purchased an order with HB Shipping insurance and need to file a claim, please contact our customer care center.

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