Why Use Chair Sashes: Wedding Chair Sashes, Covers, Bows & Buckles

How to tie chair sashes for weddings

Have you been searching far and wide for unique chair sashes to showcase your wedding or event? When it comes to decorating for any special occasion, be it a wedding reception, birthday party, anniversary, graduation, or any other grand event, every little detail counts to make your event design stand out!

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Where venue and table décor are usually the prime focus, chair decoration is often an afterthought when decorating an event, but chair sashes play a significant role in tying together every aspect adding a striking oomph factor to your event design.

The Many Benefits of Using Chair Sashes

Captivating chair décor makes an exquisite impression augmenting the overall aesthetics of your party. Pairing your chair covers with chair sashes or just adorning your bare chairs with gorgeous and unique chair sashes imparts an elegant and refined look giving a chic edge to your chair décor.
Chair sash for wedding
Still not convinced whether you should use them for your upcoming party or not? We have listed some key points to help you understand the significance of decking out your chairs with fancy sashes for chairs. Read on to find out why chair cover sashes are undeniably the best accents to give a magnificent appeal to your chairs and what role they play to accentuate the celebratory joy of your special occasions.

1. Elevate the Event Design

The first thing that catches the eye is the event décor, which sets the mood of the event. Whether you want to give a formal touch to your party or you just want to spruce it up a bit, using them to style your chairs is a trendy and classy way to impart a posh allure to your overall event decoration.
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Wedding Chair Sashes

Make a stunning first impression on your guests by choosing eccentricideas and bring them to life with our premium chair covers and sashes to elevate your event design up a notch! For instance, use elegant wedding chair sashes for your wedding ceremony and reception chairs to exude a riveting flair.

Spandex Chair Sashes

If you are planning a corporate event, using a chair band or spandex chair sashes will not only give a sophisticated look but will also add a dignified class to your décor.

2. Accentuate the Thematic Decorations

Looking to enhance your thematic event décor? While venue decorations play a major role in defining a theme, chair décor is one of the most overlooked details when you think about your themed party decorations.
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But with the right chairsashes and embellishments, your decorations will surely accentuate your theme giving an alluringly dramatic look.

Burlap Chair Sashes

For instance, if you are planning a princess-themed birthday party for your little one, dress your party chairs with an enchanting curly willow chair sash to augment the magical whimsical charm. If you are looking to enrich your rustic event décor, choosing burlap chair sashes to bedeck your wooden chairs will give a sensational idyllic flair to your bucolic settings.

Sequin Chair Sashes

Similarly, our sequin chair sashes will take your disco-themed soiree décor to the next level!
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3. Transform Dull and Dreary Chairs

The main purpose of fancy chair sashes is to turn an ordinary and boring-looking chair into an attractive, decorative element enhancing the overall look of your décor. Gorgeous Wedding Chair Decoration Transform your plain or worn-out party chairs into gorgeous ones by covering them with chair covers and sashes to stylishly augment the visual appeal.

Organza Chair Sashes

If your venue offers pretty chairs and you do not need chair covers to hide any flaws or imperfections, using only organza chair sashes to decorate them will definitely ooze oodles of classy panache and elegance.
polyester chair sashes

Chiffon Chair Sashes

For instance, chivari chairs are attractive and appealing as they are but you can make them even more ravishing by tying chiffon chair sashes to emanate a charming allure without covering the entire chair.

Satin Chair Sashes

Similarly, give a sleek modern edge to your good-looking folding chairs with polyester or lustrous satin chair sashes for a glamorous appeal.
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4. Add a Pop of Color with Chair Sashes

With the occasion being so special, it is also important to spice things up by choosing an interesting color palette for your event décor. With the plethora of hues and color combinations, our chairsashes are an excellent choice to add a mesmerizing splash of color to your party decorations.

premium chairsashes
Using them in contrasting colors will not only allow you to synchronize your color scheme but will also exude a chic flamboyance.

Gold Chair Sashes

Adorn your chairs with vibrant fabrics to pep them up or use subdued chair sashes for understated elegance. For instance, glam up your chairs with silver or gold chair sashes emanating a scintillating and gleaming appeal to your event design.
how do you tie a satin chair sash?

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Red Chair Sashes

If you are going for a romantic décor, accenting your white chair covers with a red chair sash will give a charming and dramatic allure to your chair decorations.

satin chair sashes

Polyester Chair Sashes

Instead of choosing a rich or dusky-colored chair cover that will make things gloomy, opt for a satin or polyester chair sashes to incorporate those vivid dark shades that you love and dress your chairs with the color scheme you want.

5. Give a Finishing Touch

There is no doubt, that planning and decorating for an event are no easy feats! With the never ending to-do list, making an event successful can be quite daunting. However, focusing on little details can make your party the talk of the town. Using chair sashes to bedeck your chairs adds a softness to the harsh chair outlines exuding a posh aura to your otherwise dull and boring décor.
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Regardless of the chair type and chair covers, chair sashes are the ideal decorative linens to add that final touch of glamor and elegance to your exclusive chair decoration. Tie them to form a pretty bow with chair sash buckles for an enticing flair or use a chair band around your chair back to exude a refined charm, the choice is yours!

6. Great for Adding Personalized Touches

Whatever theme or color palette you are going for, they are available in wide array of colors, fabric materials, designs, and patterns to help you give your desired look to your event.

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Give a personalized touch to your chair décor and try out unique and eye-catching chair cover sash tie styles using fancy chair sashes to emanate a majestic charm.

Chair Sash Buckles

Moreover, you can also decorate your chair cover sashes with other decorative accessories such as exotic flowers, foliage, sea shells, crystals, LED lights, ornate chair sash buckles, and chair sash pins. You can also use your colorful satin fabrics to attach intricate floral rings, frames, signage, and chair wreaths to the back of your chairs imparting an enthralling customized appeal to your event décor.

7. Chair Sashes are Inexpensive and Budget-Friendly

Want to elegantly decorate your chairs without breaking the bank? Nothing can beat cheap sashes for chairs to give an exclusive charming allure to your old and drab venue chairs.

how do you tie a bow sash on a chair? Inexpensive and easy to fit into your budget plan, they will impart a trendy and updated appeal without being a hefty burden on your pocket.

Cheap Chair Sashes for Weddings

Got a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on your wedding decorations? Opt for our cheap chair sashes to make your dream wedding come true! They available at efavormart.com will grant elegance to your event while still staying in budget. Using different colors or styles of chair covers for every occasion can be quite expensive, especially if you love to play around with colors and themes. They are an affordable and cheerful alternative to perk up your party chair decorations.
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For instance, opt for suitable chair sashes that complement your color palette and theme and pair them with your universal-colored covers to efficiently revamp your chairs giving a new ingenious look to your event design.

8. Harmonizes your Table and Chair Decorations

With the exquisite range of colors, styles, designs, and textures of these products available at our online store, it is quite easy to harmonize your table and chair décor. If you plan to swathe your event tables with designer tablecloths or table runners, choose complementing chair sashes to decorate your chairs giving a graceful cohesive look to your party decorations.
For instance, dress your party tables with white tablecloths accenting them with gorgeous organza table runners and adorn organza chair sashes on your chairs to impart a mesmerizing allure.

9. Add Texture and Design

Looking to add a sleek textural element to your décor to elevate your event design up a notch? Intricately designed embroidered chair sashes are a great choice to add striking texture to your party décor. Simply tie them on your chair backs to turn your plain covers or bare chairs into exquisite decorative chairs accentuating your overall aesthetics. If one chair band or sash does not give your desired look, combine 2 different products to give a unique charm to your decor.
how many yards of tulle do I need for a chair sash?
For instance, pair your curly willow chair sash with designer chiffon chair sashes or glistening pintuck chair sashes exuding an enchantingly opulent appeal to your event decorations.

10. Ravishing Aisle Décor

Aisle décor is a significant part of wedding decorations to make the bride’s grand entrance and the newly wed couple’s exit a splendid spectacle. Using exquisite wedding chair sashes to embellish the stanchions lining your aisle or tying chair sashes on the chairs on both sides of the wedding aisle will make your pathway look truly sensational.
how do you secure a chair sash?
Also, if you don’t want to spend too much on extravagant aisle decorations, chair cover sashes are just the perfect accents to enhance your wedding aisle.

11. Chair Sashes are Multi-purpose and Versatile

If you aren’t sold on the traditional way of displaying them or if you think that they might be useless after the event is over, think again! Contrary to popular belief, chair cover sashes are certainly not just limited to chair decorations. They are multi-purpose and versatile decorative linens that can be used as a creative alternative to adorn several other things as well. Most people are hesitant to purchase them because they don’t know what they will do with all them after the event is over. Therefore, they omit chair sashes all together thinking that it won’t make much difference. But that is not the case, as they are important for your chair decoration, they can also be artistically re-purposed which makes including them in your event design a wise choice! For instance, use your chair sash bands as gift bows and simply tie them around your gifts to add a flamboyant festive touch.

How to Tie Chair Sashes for Weddings

DIY flower chair sash tie:

Three easy ways to tie a chair sash:

How to tie a sash bow with pin:

DIY Chair Sash Ideas

They also make great ties for your curtains and drapes accentuating the imperial appeal of your interior décor. Moreover, you can wrap your sumptuous blooms and flower bouquets using lustrous satin chair sashes to exude a plush allure to your floral décor. Got cocktail tables for your party? Spruce up your party table decorations by tying chair sash bows on your cocktail table legs adding that gorgeous oomph factor to your event décor.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are chair sashes?

Chair sashes are long and colorful strips of fabrics tied to folding, banquet, or chiavari chairs for decoration.

How do you tie wedding chairs?

Three easy ways to tie a chair sash: 1.- Bow tie design. 2.- Criss cross bow tie. 3.- Double cross bow tie.

Where to buy chair sashes?

Here at efavormart.com

How much to rent chair sashes?

Why rent? When you can own them for less.


There is no doubt that chair décor is an important aspect when it comes to decorating an event and chair sashes are undeniably the best accessories for the purpose. We hope that these benefits and reasons have cleared all your doubts about the significance of chair cover sashes and have convinced you to use them to elegantly style your chairs at all your special events. Use them for a traditional and trendy décor or think out of the box and ingeniously utilize them for other creative purposes! Opt for efavormart products and give an exotic touch to your décor by turning your ordinary and dull-looking event design into a mesmerizing one to make a statement. Happy decorating! Dreamy Beach Wedding Ceremony Décor With Curtains, Display Box, Chair Sashes, Petals & Lanterns

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