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1.5" Satin Center Ribbon - Silver - 10 Yard

Item Number: RIB_CEN15_SILV

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  • Ribbon comes in 1.5” x 25 yards (75 feet) per spool.
  • High quality 100% woven nylon sheer with mono-edge.
  • Organza ribbon with satin center stripe.
  • Use our ribbons to decorate your celebration, banquet, or any other event.

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These wider satin center sheer organza Ribbons are perfect to wrap the big favors up, tie the balloons with or adorn pretty attire. Satin-center gives the ribbon a unique glistening look when used in bows and provides more body and stiffness than the mono-edge, it's great to use for bows, veils, etc. The impeccable sheen of the organza ribbon will surely accentuate the elegance of any dull favor or decoration. You can choose the hue that corresponds with your wedding theme shade. This mesmeric organza trim is in-expensive and looks spellbindingly fascinating.

Additional Information:
25 yards per spool
Measurement: 1 1/2"

Uses : Wedding Favor, Party Favor, Birthday, Event, Baby Shower , Decoration , DIY


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