10 Pack | 14" Metallic Gold Artificial Tree Branch DIY Vase Fillers, Plastic Dry Manzanita Plant Twigs

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Quantity: 10 Manzanita Tree Branches
Material: Plastic
Color: Metallic Gold
Style: Glittered Dry Tree Branch
Total Height: 13.5"
Total Width: 10.5"
Stem Thickness: 0.5" 
Each single branch further contains three branches
Features: High Quality, Strong, Flexible, Durable, Long Lasting
Multi-Use: Vase Filler, Bonsai, Light Ornament Display, Faux Antlers


Metallic Gold Manzanita Tree Branches

Introducing Artificial Tree Branches – an ideal way to add natural beauty and intricate designs to your holiday décor, wedding decor, floral arrangements, and home decor. Our Manzanita tree branches have been crafted from high-quality plastic for superior durability and are rust free, meaning they will keep their color and beauty over time. These fake tree branches won't break easily so you can be sure that the decorations will last from season to season.


Plastic DIY Vase Fillers

Let your creativity bloom with our Artificial Tree Branches – the possibilities for creative designs are endless! Create beautiful wreaths, holiday centerpieces, festive garlands, floral arrangements for a wedding or other celebratory occasions, lavish holiday decor pieces, or any other decorative accent you can imagine to give your designs the natural effect you’re looking for. The branches offer a unique 3D textural look which adds elegance and sophistication to any space. With just a few simple steps you can transform any room into an inviting atmosphere filled with whimsy. Enhance table displays with imaginative candle holders and up-light the tree branches at night for a mysterious ambiance.


Dry Manzanita Plant Twig

Whether it's the holiday season or any other special occasion, these decorative plant twigs give you all of the flavors without any of the hassle! And unlike natural tree branches, our Artificial Tree Branches will not break easily, so they can be handled with ease while creating stunning displays. Showcase your unique style today with these high quality plastic tree branches – feel good knowing that when it comes to gorgeous accent pieces for your home or events no detail was spared!


Additional Information:

  • Item will have a paint smell when newly opened, simply air out for a few hours to get rid of paint smell.
  • Note: Sale is for Manzanita Tree Branches only, other decorative accessories and supplies are not included.
  • Uses: Bridal Bouquets, Floral Decorations, Home Interiors, Garden Outings, Offices, Parties, Anniversaries, Cemeteries, Valentine's Day and Christmas Decorations.