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10 Pack | Silver Embossed White 12oz Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl - Round With Scalloped Edges

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Quantity: 10 Bowls
Material: High Quality Plastic
Color: White/Silver
Capacity: 12oz
Height: 1.25 Inches
Width: 7.25 Inches
Inner Diameter: 4 Inches
Style: Scalloped Edges
Shape: Round
Disposable for easy cleanup


Disposable Soup Bowl

Imitating the glossy luster of fine china and elite elegance of expensive ceramic, our gorgeous hard plastic tableware will transform your tablescapes into royal banquets without burdening your pockets.

Round Plastic Bowl

Featuring shiny sturdy plastic construction highlighted by glistening silver embossed foil design on rims and delicate scalloped edges, these ornate bowls will impress your guests way before the food that your serve on them. Swanky design and intricate construction make these bowls an ideal choice for upscale events and regal gatherings.

Plastic Soup Bowl

These bowls are perfectly safe for hot and cold foods. Create an eye-catching tablescape by pairing these bowls with matching plates, gold and acrylic stemware, spiced up by our gold baroque flatware.

Additional Information:

  • Outer to Inner Rim Width: 1"
  • Outer Rim: .20" 
  • Rim Design Length: 2.25" 
  • Rim Design Width: 5/8"