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10 Yards Purple Never-Ending Fleurs & Diamonds

Item Number: DIA_A02_PURP

$10.99 Sale Price
$15.94 Retail Price

  • Material: Shiny Plastic
  • Dimensions: Approx. 4.75"x10 yards only
  • Can be used for embellish, wrapping, or decorating

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A pure pleasurable sight to behold! This dazzling unison of dreamlike flowers and ravishing rhinestones in a splendidly crafted lace trim will take your decoration and embellishment taste to the next elevated level. Flower are beautiful, beguiling, and so very serene, while diamonds are gorgeous, glamorous, and every girls dream! Bringing these both pretty accents in a whimsical harmony of a stunning diamond and fleur lace trim, now you can create most spectacular masterpieces and craft creations. The fascinating floral holes make it an ideal accessory to exhibit the underlined colorful fabric or luminous LEDs in a surreal manner. Design chic apparels, hair accessories, table covers, table runners, lampshades, vases, table mats, chair covers, drapery, or adorn favors, gifts, and bows with style and elegance using this stylish rhinestone embedded floral lace.

  • Material: Shiny Plastic
  • Dimensions: Approx. 4.75"x10 yards only
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Gift Wrapping, Embellish, Decoration


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