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100 Pack Appealing Knotted Birchwood Disposable Bamboo Picks - 2.75"

Item Number: BIRC_S060

$1.99 Sale Price
$548.25 Retail Price

  • Measurement: Approx 2.75" long
  • Material: All Natural Bamboo

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These disposable, compostable and eco-friendly knotted picks are made from natural organic material, thus contain no harmful chemicals or toxins.Serve your appetizers, satay dishes, kabobs, wraps, or sarnies with these picks and your guests will find it considerably easier to pick up individual portions of meal. Set an eco-chic dining table by glamming up your tablescapes with all natural bamboo plates, bamboo bowls, bamboo spoons, bamboo forks, bamboo knives, bamboo skewers, and a lot more!

Additional Information:

  • Measurement: Approx 2.75" long
  • Material: All Natural Bamboo
  • WARNING: Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe
  • Keep away from direct heat!
  • Uses - Banquet, Home, Picnic, Outdoor Party, College Outings



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