100 Pack Eco Friendly Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons 4"

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Size: 4"

Quantity: 100 Wooden Spoons
Material: Birchwood
Color: Natural
Total Length: 4"
Total Width: 1"
Thickness: 2mm
Eco Friendly: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Perfect Taster Spoon. Great for sampling ice cream, hummus, butter, jams etc



Eco Friendly Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons 4" - Classy and Sustainable

Upgrade your event decor with these eco-friendly Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons. Made from completely organic material, these spoons are a biodegradable alternative to non-ecological plastic cutlery. Crafted from solid Birchwood, these spoons are not only classy but also compostable and cost-effective. The smooth edges of Birchwood make them safe for children to use, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

These full-size Birchwood spoons are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Whether it's a casual breakfast, a fancy luncheon, or a dinner party, these spoons will impress your guests. They are versatile and can be used for serving dips, jellies, cakes, desserts, rice, and much more. The natural attraction and sturdiness of Birchwood are reflected vividly in these stylish yet functional spoons.

Complement your dining experience with our other Birchwood dishware products. From forks and knives to plates and bowls, we offer a wide range of biodegradable tableware. By choosing these spoons, you are making an eco-chic statement and contributing to a sustainable future. Let your event be a celebration of nature and style with our Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons.


Elevate Your Event with Sustainable Cutlery

Make a conscious choice for the environment with our eco-friendly Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons. These spoons are not only perfect for weddings, parties, and events but also a great addition to your everyday kitchen supplies. By using these disposable utensils, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the planet.

Our Birchwood spoons are made from renewable resources, ensuring that no trees are cut down unnecessarily. They are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cutlery, which takes hundreds of years to decompose. With our spoons, you can enjoy the convenience of disposable utensils without harming the environment.

Hosting a tea party? These Birchwood spoons are the ideal choice. Their elegant design and natural beauty will impress your guests. Whether you are serving tea, coffee, or desserts, these spoons will add a touch of sophistication to your table setting. Let your event be remembered for its eco-friendly approach and stylish presentation.


Convenience and Style in Every Bite

Introducing our 100 Pack Eco Friendly Birchwood Disposable Dessert, Tea Spoons in a stylish and practical design. These spoons are perfect for any occasion, whether it's a small gathering or a large event. The pack of 100 ensures that you have an ample supply of spoons to cater to all your guests.

Not only are these spoons practical, but they also add a touch of elegance to your table setting. The natural grain of Birchwood gives each spoon a unique and beautiful look. Your guests will be impressed by the attention to detail and the eco-friendly choice you've made.

Say goodbye to the hassle of washing dishes after your event. With these disposable dessert, tea spoons, cleanup is a breeze. Simply dispose of them after use, knowing that you've made an environmentally friendly choice. Make your event memorable with these convenient and stylish Birchwood spoons.


Additional Information:

  • Order is for spoons only, other accessories not included.
  • Uses: Picnic, Office or Party Dinner, Special Event, Wedding, Baby Shower or in your Coffee Shop or Restaurant.
  • WARNING: Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe


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Wooden Spoons
I have not used them yet, but I bought them because they were a great purchase for the price.
Verified Buyer
100 pack eco friendly birchwood forks
Very fast shipping, item as described, very good quality.
Susana u.
Verified Buyer
Pretty forks
These are going to be used for the wedding cake at our reception. We have wood plated too and love that they are eco friendly and look great!
Sandra D.
Verified Buyer
Perfect for boho shower
real user review 100 Pack Eco Friendly Birchwood Disposable Picnic Knives, Cutlery 7
How cute are these for my nieces boho bridal shower!! I bought 3 sizes of plates and all the utensils- they all match and have a very cool earthy vibe!!
Tricia W.
Verified Buyer
Boho Shower
real user review 100 Pack Eco Friendly Birchwood Disposable Picnic Spoons, Cutlery 6
How cute are these for my nieces boho bridal shower!! I bought 3 sizes of plates and all the utensils- they all match and have a very cool earthy vibe!!
Tricia W.
Verified Buyer
It was good but the bag was too thin it ripped and the utensils fall out.
Bo T.
Verified Buyer
top quality and value!
I was so pleased with the quality of these utensils! The price far exceeded my expectations and it was a pleasant surprise to receive the forks, knives, and spoons and see how nice they are! I don't think i'll ever go back to regular ole plastic utensils. The only consideration is the spoon isn't very deep, but didn't stop us from enjoying our yogurt parfaits!
Jennifer D.
Verified Buyer
Disposable birchwood spoons
They were exactly what I was looking for. They will be used for my chocolates.
Nancy C.
Verified Buyer
6” Eco Friendly Disposable Birchwood Spoons
Great Product! Loved them
Isabelle D.
Verified Buyer
Great for the dessert table
real user review 100 Pack Biodegradable Birchwood Picnic Forks, 6
Awesome chic product
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