12 Bunches | 7" Glossy Burgundy Faux Craft Pearl String Bouquet Beads

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Quantity: 12 Bunches
Material: Faux Pearls
Color: Burgundy
Spray per Bunch: 12
Total Count of Sprays: 144 pcs
Count of Strands Each Spray: 3
Spray Size: 7" (3" of pearls, 4" of wired stem)
Total Count of Pearls: 2,592 pcs
Count of Pearls per Strand: 6
Count of Pearls Spray: 18


Faux Pearls Bouquet

Lustrous pearl sprays in beautiful colors and seamless sheen are perfect for crafting, favor making, corsages or headpieces. This sparkly embellishment will add an instant “wow” factor into your decorations, arts, and crafts. Glam up your centerpieces, vases, corsages, bouquets, buttonholes, backdrops, hair accessories, dresses, and any other decorations by adding these sparkling sprays in your favorite colors. Make most stunning headpieces, bows, centerpieces, table decoration, corsages, and any other stroke of genius you wish to elevate in elegance.


DIY Bouquet Decor

Use it to adorn apparels, headpieces, bows, sashes, or tiaras, create magnificent centerpieces, bouquets, flower arrangements, or spruce your favor and cake boxes, gifts, and invites up by placing these atop. Let the sophisticated elegance and modish charm of this unique adornment outshine all the rest!


Glossy Faux Pearls

Sparkle up your crafts, favors, and decorations with glistening faux pearl sprays. Seamless luster of glossy surface coupled with vibrant hues will bring a dash of vibrant radiance into your corsages, buttonholes, bouquets, centerpieces, hair accessories and other items you wish to enliven.


Additional Information:

  • Uses: Wedding Favor, Party Favor, Birthday Favor, Event, Gift, Craft Decoration