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12" Gold Mirror Finish Acrylic Pedestal Risers - Display Boxes with Interchangeable Lid and Base

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Size: 12"

Quantity: 1 Set of Mirror Box
Material: Acrylic
Color: Gold
Total Height: 12"
Total Width: 11"
Lid Size: 11"L x 11"W x 0.75"H x 3mm Thick
Panel Size: 11.75"L x 10.5"W x 3mm" Thick
Style: Box Shaped Mirror
Assembly Required: Yes
Item Includes:
  • 6 separate pieces ( 4 Panels+2 Lids)
  • Assembly Instructions
  • 24 zip ties:
    • 12 Clear Rubber Zip Ties (10.75"L, 1/8" Thick)
    • 12 White Regular Zip Ties (4.75"L, 1/8" Thick)
Top and Bottom lids are interchangeable
Reusable, Collapsible and Easy to clean
Need to remove protective plastic film before use


Additional Information:

  • Max weight holds on top of the box: 55-60 lbs
  • Panel Hole Insert: 1/2 cm
  • These are mirror like, having reflection. Not transparent
  • Easy to disassemble for storage
  • Panels and Rubber Zip Ties are reusable. Regular Zip Ties are one time use only.
  • Perfect for Centerpiece Display in weddings, baby showers, parties, bakeries, graduation parties, and holidays.
  • Note: Order is only for Box. Accessories Not Included
  • How to Care: Cleaning acrylic boxes should consist of wipe-cleaning with a soft rag or cloth while using a non-abrasive cleaner. For light stains or debris, you can also use canned air or clean water with a microfiber cloth. You should never use window cleaners, cleaning solvents with ammonia, or other chemical sprays as they can scratch or damage your acrylic products.