12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Purple Collection

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Quantity: 12 pcs. of different models of 3D butterflies
Material: PVC
Color: Shades of Purple

Number of Pieces per Size:

  • 2pcs 5"
  • 2pcs 4"
  • 4pcs 3"
  • 4pcs 2.5"
  • DIY: Can be attached with magnet or glued to walls
    Each butterfly comes with magnet underneath to stick.
    1 Pack of double-sided adhesive sticker sheet (15 Circles) included.


    Enchanting Purple Butterfly Wall Decals for Dreamy Décor

    Introducing our 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals in the mesmerizing Purple Collection! No matter the trends that come and go, DIY wall décor will always remain in fashion. With these stunning butterfly decals, you can effortlessly transform any ordinary space into an enchanting and dreamy ambiance. Crafted with intricate artistry, these purple butterfly wall decals will add the perfect flair and flamboyance to your home décor or party space.

    Featuring life-like formations in lovely colors, these 3D butterflies will mesmerize everyone who lays eyes on them. Whether you choose to accent walls, windows, backdrops, dessert tables, arches, photo booths, Manzanita trees, or even fridge doors, these butterfly stickers will create a spectacular design that catches attention. The possibilities are endless!

    The key to decorating your space using these butterfly decals is your creative potential. The durability and flexibility of these easy-to-stick accents give you unlimited choices for creating a unique and personalized space. Simply fix them onto a wall using double tape or stick them on the fridge door by attaching a magnet. You can also enhance the 3D effect by folding the wings to a certain angle. Let your imagination soar and let these purple butterfly decals bring your vision to life!


    Unleash Your Creativity with DIY Purple Butterfly Decor

    Our 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals in the Purple Collection are not just ordinary stickers. They are a gateway to unleashing your creativity and adding a touch of magic to any event or space. Whether you're planning a wedding, decorating for a party, or sprucing up your home, these butterfly decals are the perfect choice.

    With their vibrant purple hues and intricate designs, these butterfly stickers will instantly elevate the atmosphere of any room. They are perfect for accentuating walls, creating stunning backdrops, or adding a whimsical touch to your dessert tables. Let your imagination run wild and explore the endless possibilities of DIY decor with these purple butterfly decals.

    Not only are these butterfly decals versatile in their use, but they are also incredibly easy to apply. Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto any smooth surface. The high-quality adhesive ensures that they stay in place without leaving any residue behind. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a novice decorator, you'll find joy in transforming your space with these beautiful purple butterfly decals.


    Create a Captivating Space with the Purple Butterfly Collection

    Welcome to the world of captivating décor with our Purple Butterfly Wall Decals. This 12 pack of 3D butterfly stickers is all you need to create a truly mesmerizing space. Let the enchanting purple hues take center stage as you bring your vision to life.

    Whether you're planning a wedding, decorating for a party, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your home, these butterfly decals will exceed your expectations. They are perfect for adorning walls, windows, and even fridge doors. The delicate and intricate designs will add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to any event or space.

    The Purple Butterfly Collection is designed to inspire creativity and allow you to personalize your space. Arrange the butterflies in any pattern you desire, create a stunning focal point, or let them flutter freely for a whimsical effect. The possibilities are endless, and the result is guaranteed to be breathtaking. Let your imagination take flight with these exquisite purple butterfly decals.


    Additional Information:

    • Features:
      • One Pack comes with 12 high quality colorful 3D PVC plastic Butterflies
      • Can be fixed to a wall with double tape
      • Comes with a Magnet and can be put on a fridge door or simply pin it on cloth/dresses with a safety pin
    • Highlights:
      • The 3D effect of Butterfly decoration makes a spectacular display
      • Perfect for decorating your work space, living room or bed room, fridge door or window displays
    • Specifications:
      • Material: High quality PVC plastic
      • Sizes: (5" 2 PCS, 4" 2PCS, 3" 4PCS, 2.5" 4 PCS)
      • Can be stick by Magnet or Glued to Walls
    • How to Decorate:
      • Step 1: Clean and Dry the surface where you want the Butterflies to be placed
      • Step 2: Fold wings to approx. 35° to create 3D effect
      • Step 3: Peel off the double sided tape and position the 3D butterfly as you desire onto the surface and press to fix
      • Step 4: Use your creative imagination and place Butterflies to make a beautiful wall decoration


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        User friendly
        real user review 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Pink Collection
        Love these!!!
        Verified Buyer
        I have used these to enhance my balloon garlands or to just add a little extra touch. I love how these can be used on metal as well as balloons and other materials. and they aren't the flimsy paper type butterflies.
        Verified Buyer
        Love these! The little magnet in the butterfly was a nice feature! Can’t show the picture yet but I am jumping with joy over my centerpieces and the butterfly took them to the next level!
        Marie M.
        Verified Buyer
        Will as soon as I use them.
        Julia E.
        Verified Buyer
        Sweet 16 Birthday
        real user review 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Green Collection
        Enjoyed these beautiful butterflies. Great had to any event .
        Gina N.
        Verified Buyer
        Butterflies a flutter
        real user review 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Green Collection
        I really appreciated that the product arrived exactly when you said it would. The butterflies were used in the production of a major fashion show.
        Christian I.
        Verified Buyer
        My order
        100% love the butterfly’s and glitter and ring boxes Although I’m missing 1 product
        Stephanie M.
        Verified Buyer
        Love it
        real user review 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Blue Collection
        I loved the quality,color and design. Love that they have a magnet too.
        PAULA L.
        Verified Buyer
        Great product
        real user review 12 Pack 3D Butterfly Wall Decals, DIY Stickers Decor - Purple Collection
        The butterflies look awesome in my arrangement
        WANDA L.
        Verified Buyer
        Thought they were adhesive butterflies but they were actually magnets so after using them for my trunk or treat they are now on my fridge as decoration for my daughter! Really cute
        Gina G.
        Verified Buyer