12 Pack Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses, Party Favor Gift Candy Containers 4"

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Quantity: 12 Champagne Flutes
Material: Plastic
Color: Gold | Clear
Style: Antique Baroque Stem Clear Champagne Flutes
Total Size: 4.33"H x 1.18"W
Easy To Fill: Fill with any kind of small candies or chocolates


    Elegant Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses

    Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your next event with our 12 Pack Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses. These exquisite champagne flutes are the perfect party favor gift and candy containers for any occasion. With their stunning gold stem and clear plastic cup, they will instantly elevate your dessert display and favor presentation.

    Designed to resemble a classic champagne flute with an ornate antique style stem, these mini glasses are both stylish and practical. Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday, graduation, shower, or holiday party, these flute favor holders will impress your guests and make your event truly memorable.

    The antique baroque stem adds a charming touch to these versatile favor flutes. Not only can you use them to showcase your party favors and treats, but they can also be filled with chocolates, jellies, nuts, or other delightful treats. Get creative and transform them into beautiful accent pieces by adding colored sand, glitter, stones, or even succulents. The possibilities are endless!


    Perfect for Any Occasion

    Our 12 Pack Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses are the ideal choice for all your special events and celebrations. Whether you're planning a glamorous wedding reception, a fun-filled birthday party, or an elegant anniversary dinner, these champagne glasses will add a touch of luxury to any setting.

    Not only are these glasses perfect for formal events, but they also make a great addition to casual gatherings and backyard parties. Their versatile design and durable construction ensure that they can withstand any celebration, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events.

    With their clear plastic cups and gold stems, these mini champagne flutes seamlessly blend in with any party theme or decor. They are the perfect complement to your wedding decor, party supplies, and event decor. Impress your guests and create a memorable experience with these stylish and functional champagne glasses.


    Convenience and Style Combined

    The 12 Pack Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses offer the perfect combination of convenience and style. These lightweight and disposable glasses save you the hassle of washing and storing traditional glassware, allowing you to focus on enjoying your event.

    Their compact size makes them easy to handle and transport, making them ideal for outdoor events and parties. The sturdy construction ensures that they won't easily tip over or spill, giving you peace of mind throughout your event.

    Whether you're serving champagne, sparkling wine, cocktails, or even non-alcoholic beverages, these mini champagne glasses are the perfect vessel. Your guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the luxurious feel of sipping from these elegant flutes. Make a statement and elevate your event with our 12 Pack Gold Stem Clear Plastic Mini Champagne Flute Glasses.


    Additional Information:

    • For Mini Champagne Glasses only. Candies and other decorations not included.
    • Fill with your favorite treats, use as table decoration, hand out as party favors, and create DIY projects.
    • Uses: Perfect for your Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, Holiday, Theme Parties and More.


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