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3V Lithium Batteries - CR1220 - 12pcs

Item Number: LED_BAT_1220

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$4.99 Retail Price

  • Non-rechargeable Lithium Coin Cells - CR1220
  • Quantity- 12pcs/order
  • Size-0.5"
  • Voltage:3V

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Keep the party going on and on with our LED batteries that will keep your lamps, lanterns, bulbs, and submersible LEDs glowing for hours and hours till the party ends. These non-rechargeable lithium coin cells are suitable for Remote Controls, Cameras, Calculators, Car Security Alarm, Keyless Car Remotes, Heart Rate Monitor, Watches, Glucometer, Photo Micro Lights, Computer Equipment (memory backup battery) CMOS, Motherboards, Garage Door Controls, Toys, Communication Equipment, Pocket Stations, data pack for video cameras, and other devices that requires this battery size.

Additional Information:

  • Quantity- 12pcs/order
  • Size-0.5"
  • Battery Size:CR1220 
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Voltage:3V
  • Uses : Vases, TeaLight, Lanterns, LED Lights