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144 Pcs All Gold Wired Rose Flowers For Bridal Bouquet Craft Embellishment

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Quantity: 144 Rose Buds (12 Bunches)
Material: Poly Fabric 
Color: Gold
Height of Flower: 3/4"
Width of Flower: 1/2"
Rose Buds per Bunch: 12
Wire Stem Length: 3"
Cut the tie to have 12 pretty individual Rose Bud Flowers
Widely Used In: Flower Bouquet, Favor Bag Ties, Hair Bow, Hair Accessory, Rose Boutonniere, Craft and DIY Decoration


Wired Rose Flowers

There’s something so glamorous about adding a touch of gold to your décor using these gold-wired rose flowers. Be it for your living space, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen, flaunting a single gold rosebud in a small vase will impart an incredibly chic, classy, and upscale look elevating the aesthetics up a notch

Flowers For Bridal

Delicately designed to perfection, these mini rose buds are supported by stems so you can bend them easily into the desired shape to create flawless floral arrangements. The super-soft fabric used for crafting these sweet mini roses will impart a realistic look while the individual wire stems will accent your pretty-looking posies most delightfully.

Bridal Bouquet Craft

Take the time to find the right colors to mix and match with these gold rose flowers or let these glittering sweetheart buds make a unique statement on their own. Consider adding some deep tones along with gold for the bridal bouquet or bridesmaid bouquets to give a subtle nod to the wedding colors. The best thing about posies is that they’re focused more on blooms rather than greenery so you can add a unique and fresh twist to a classic color palette using these glittery gold rose flowers.

Additional Information:

  • Quantity: 144 Rose Buds (12 Bunches)
  • Material: Poly Fabric
  • Color: Gold
  • Height of Flower: 3/4"
  • Width of Flower: 1/2"
  • Rose Buds per Bunch: 12
  • Wire Stem Length: 3"
  • Cut the tie to have 12 pretty individual Rose Bud Flowers
  • The wire allows you to bend the flowers to any angles and make them the shape that you like
  • Uses: Holiday Crafts, Wedding, Gifts, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Hair bows, Applique, Birthday, Favor, DIY Projects, Table Decoration