15" 5-Tier Nontoxic Metal 41-Cupcake Holder Stand, Dessert Dish Tower Tray

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  • 27 Cupcakes
  • 41 Cupcakes

Quantity: 1 Cupcake Stand
Material: Non-Toxic, Silver-Finished Metal with a Durable Non-Chip Finish
Height: 15"
Width: 18"
Size of Cupcake Holder: 3"
Holds up to 41 cupcakes.


5 Tier Metal Cupcake Holder Stand

Elegantly arrange your delicious delicacies atop our 5-tier cupcake stand to create a one-of-a-kind dessert display. Constructed with lustrous silver metal and artistically shaped into a classy coiled tower, these chic stands will heighten the sumptuousness of your scrumptious dessert display while also glamming up the entire table décor.


Decorative Dessert Display

This stunning cupcake stand will hold your delectable delights in style to give your party tables a fanciful decorative edge. The twisted tower is designed to accentuate the beauty of your individually decorated cupcakes and confectionaries while imparting a modish appeal to your dessert display. The symmetric alignment will bring focus to each of your artistically crafted sweets while tempting everyone at the party to delight their taste buds with these scrumptious treats.


Easy To Assemble

The collapsible design surely gives this stunning stand an edge over other stands as you can store it very conveniently in less space. Seamlessly finished with high-quality coiled metal, each layer of this cupcake stand can be stacked efficiently with ease to glam up the entire look and feel of your individually decorated delicacies. Surround this sumptuous stand with pretty centerpieces, candles, flower garlands, and greenery to augment the appeal of your table decorations tenfold.


Additional Information:

  • Non-toxic, silver-finished metal with a durable non-chip finish.
  • Height: 15" 
  • Width: 18"
  • Size of cupcake holder: 3"
  • Holds up to 41 cupcakes!
  • Uses : Wedding. Party, Anniversary, Birthday Cake Decoration

Stand comes with a bag of tools containing:

1x cylinder shaped rod

  • Length: 3" 
  • Width: 0.5"

2x cylinder shaped rod w/screw tip

  • Length: 3.5" 
  • Width: 0.5"

1x allen-wrench

  • Length: 2" 
  • Width: 0.75"

1x wrench

  • Length: 1.75"
  • Width-Head: 0.5"
  • Width-Neck: 0.75"

1x black screw

  • Length: 0.5" 
  • Top Di: 0.75"
  • Bottom Di: 1/8"

Steps to Assemble the Item: