16" Round 4-Tier Clear Acrylic Cake Stand Set and Cupcake Dessert Holder

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Quantity: Set of 8 Plates and Set of 4 Tubes / Order
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Plate Sizes:
    • 16" Round Plate (2 pcs)
    • 12" Round Plate (2 pcs)
    •   8" Round Plate (2 pcs)
    •   6" Round Plate (2 pcs)
Tube Sizes:
    • 18" Tall Tube (1 pc)
    • 12" Tall Tube (1 pc)
    •  8" Tall Tube (1 pc)
    •  6" Tall Tube (1 pc)
Combination: 2 Plates + 1 Tube = 1 Cake Tier Stand
Want to add more Tiers?


4-Tier Clear Acrylic Cake Stand Set

Bring a modern twist to your dessert table setup by displaying each cake tier on separate stands. Elegantly fashioned with a sleek finish, this 4-tier cake stand set will elevate your delightful desserts in the classiest manner while creating a chic aura to fascinate the onlookers.


Classic Clear Round Dessert Holder

These acrylic cake stands will add a grand touch to your dessert display while also complementing any décor scheme to create a perfectly coordinated look. Fill in the clear acrylic tubes with rose petals to add a pretty pop of color to your display or scatter plenty of pearls around the base for a fanciful decorative look. Surround the stands with strands of string lights loosely gathered on the table to create a magical glowing effect while also enchanting the entire ambiance to a whole new level of whimsy.


Elegant Clear Cake Stand

Nothing beats the charismatic allure of these timeless masterpieces when used for showing off your sweet creations. Pair these stunning stands with chic centerpieces, candles, flowers, and garlands to enhance the luxuriousness of your dessert table décor tenfold.


Additional Information:

  • Tier Set 1
    • 16" round plates (2 pcs)
    • 6" tube (1 pc)
  • Tier Set 2
    • 12" round plates (2 pcs)
    • 8" tube (1 pc)
  • Tier Set 3
    • 8" round plates (2 pcs)
    • 12" tube (1 pc)
  • Tier Set 4
    • 6" round plates (2 pcs)
    • 18" tube (1 pc)
  • Each tier of the cake stand are separated. Why is this good? Simple, this allows you to arrange in any design you like on any size table. Much more flexibility.
  • HOW TO USE: When putting the plates and tubes together, insert tube into the plate hole, once tight and firm, that's it, you're done, top your cupcakes and wedding favors on the display plate. Do not keep pressing tube all the way in when assembly is already tight/firm, as this may cause the plate to break.For heavy loading, super glue is suggested for hold strength.
  • USES: Birthday, Wedding, Party, Cake Decoration.
  • NOTE: Our tubes are clear acrylic, which means you can decorate the inside of the tube with theme color flowers, battery lights, or other colored items to match your theme