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18” Gemcut Premium Glass Crystal Pillar Vase Candle Holder Centerpiece With 33 Crystal Chains

Item Number: CHDLR_GLAS_007

$79.99 Sale Price
$356.25 Retail Price

  • Material : Premium Gemcut Glass
  • Quantity: 1 Pillar Glass Vase per Order
  • Height: 18"
  • Total Chains - 11 Pcs Premium Glass Detachable Crystal Chains
  • Total Tear Drops - 11 Gemcut Glass Balls

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    Crafted from high quality transparent glass in a fancy pillar design and embellished with brilliant multi-faceted crystal pendant chains, this chandelier vase pillar will transform your tablescape into a divine banquet, exuding elegance and radiance all around. Another interesting feature that attracts our customers is the versatility of this vase pillar. Since the acrylic crystal chains come un-attached, there is always choice in your hands to create new and exciting looks with it. Fill with our Jelly Filler Balls, Acrylic Ice Crystals, Flowers, Pearls, Decorative Sand or Glitter, anything and everything that your mood and festivity requires! So, not only highly elegant, but also impressively multi-purpose! Top and base of this bedazzling beauty is accented with even more faceted edges, creating an eye-catching vision and mystic shine.

    Additional Information:

    • Material: Premium Glass Crystal
    • 11 Premium Glass Teardrops
    • Size: Height: 18" approx.
    • Weight: 7.55 lbs
    • Base + Top: 6" Diameter
    • Quantity: 1 Pillar Glass Vase per Order
    • Total Tear Drops - 11 Gemcut Glass Balls
    • 11 Pcs Easy-to-install Glass Detachable Crystal Chains

    Note- Sale is only for Chandelier Pillar Vase Centerpiece, other decorations and accessories are NOT INCLUDED!


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