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2 Pack 12" & 16" Coral Giant Carnation Paper Flower

Item Number: POM_FLO002_16_032

$17.99 Sale Price (Only $8.99 each pom pom)
$35.99 Retail Price

  • Material: Paper
  • Dimensions: Approx. 12"&16" Diameter
  • Color: Coral
  • Type: Carnation
  • 1 Qty: 2 Flowers for each size

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Flowers, alone can surpass the prettiest of decorations with their natural radiance and endearing beauty. And with that beauty immortalized for an everlasting appeal, we present our realistic looking Giant Paper Carnation Blooms that will easily confuse the beholder with their strikingly lifelike construction and natural color tones. Reflecting masterful artistry, these handcrafted paper flowers are bigger and bolder than their natural counterparts. Featuring 3D fluffed petal layers and fully detailed pistil center, these giant size carnations are a perfect adornment to add the Spring sensation to your walls, backdrops, aisle decor, arch decor, trees, party tables, chairs, vases, centerpieces, and photo booth. Create a magical medley of color and texture, by pairing these with our silk, foam, and paper flowers of different sizes, colors, and materials.

Additional Information:
Flower Type: Carnation
Material: Paper
Color: Coral
Quantity: 2PC/Order
Uses- Wall Decor, Arch Decor, Aisle Decor, Floor Decor, Table Decor, Photo Booth, Backdrop, Party Decor


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