2 Pack Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack, 12 Champagne Flute Stemware Hanging Wall Shelves 21"

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Quantity: 2 Wine Glass Racks
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Style: Wall Mounted 6-Slots Wine Glass Hanging Rack
Overall Size: 21"L x 3.75"W x 1.75"H
Holder Diameter: 1.25"
Distance Between each Hole: 2.1"
Total Glass Holders: 12 (6 Glasses per Rack)
Acrylic Thickness: 4mm
Installation Required: Yes. Easy to install.
Instructions Included: Yes
Screws & Screwdriver included to easily mount the rack to a wall/cabinet
Each rack comes with 3 pre-drilled holes
Note: Remove the protective film before use


Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack - Organize and Showcase Your Stemware

Introducing our Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack, the perfect solution for all your stemware storage needs. This elegant and convenient wall mounted wine glass holder is designed to not only save space but also add a touch of sophistication to your home decor. With its sleek and transparent design, it allows you to showcase your wine glasses or champagne flutes in style.

Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, this wall rack ensures the utmost durability and security for your precious stemware. The clear and transparent construction not only provides a modern and minimalist look but also allows for easy visibility and access to your glasses. Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and hello to an organized and visually appealing display of your favorite stemware.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party, celebrating a special occasion, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, this wall mounted wine glass rack is the perfect addition to your kitchen, dining area, or party bar station. Its easy-to-mount design makes installation a breeze, and the easy-to-clean surface ensures effortless maintenance. Let this crystal clear acrylic floating wall glass rack elevate your wine drinking experience and impress your guests with its chic appeal.


Maximize Space and Style with Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack

Looking for a stylish and functional storage solution for your wine glasses? Look no further than our Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack. This innovative and space-saving design allows you to free up valuable cabinet space while adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, a party host, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this wine glass rack is a must-have.

Made from premium quality acrylic, this wall mounted rack is built to last. Its sturdy construction ensures that your stemware is securely held in place, preventing any accidental falls or damage. The transparent design not only showcases your beautiful collection of wine glasses but also complements any decor style or theme. From modern and minimalist to rustic and vintage, this wine glass rack seamlessly blends in with your existing furniture and enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

Versatility is another key feature of this wall mounted wine glass rack. Whether you're organizing your kitchen, setting up a home bar, or planning a special event, this rack is the perfect companion. It can accommodate up to six glasses, making it ideal for intimate gatherings or larger parties. From weddings to birthdays, anniversaries to holiday celebrations, this rack adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to a well-organized and visually appealing display of your stemware.


Elevate Your Home Decor with Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Glass Rack

Upgrade your home decor with our Clear Acrylic Floating Wall Glass Rack. This versatile and stylish storage solution not only keeps your wine glasses and champagne flutes organized but also adds a touch of elegance to any space. Crafted from crystal clear acrylic, this wall rack is designed to enhance the visual appeal of your stemware while providing a secure and convenient storage option.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur, a party enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this wall glass rack is a must-have addition to your home. Its easy-to-mount design allows for quick and hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort. The transparent construction ensures that your stemware is always on display, allowing you to show off your collection to friends and family.

Not only does this wall glass rack offer practical storage solutions, but it also serves as a decorative piece in itself. The minimalist and modern design seamlessly blends in with any decor style, whether it's a contemporary kitchen, a cozy dining area, or a trendy bar station. Its versatility makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a perfect choice for weddings, parties, and other special events. Elevate your home decor and impress your guests with this clear acrylic floating wall glass rack.


Additional Information:

  • Accessories: 10x Screws, 1x Screwdriver
  • Simply hang in your kitchen wall, inside home bar cabinet, living or dining room, cellar, pantry, party room, near the sink as wine drying rack, or near the bathtub. 
  • Uses: Weddings, Birthday Party, Dinner Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Photo Frames, and Event Walls in your kitchen and bedrooms


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