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3ft x 8ft Coral Silk Tassel Door String Curtain

Item Number: CUR_YY02_032

$6.49 Sale Price
$10.99 Retail Price

  • Material: High Quality Silk Tassels
  • Dimensions: 3ft wide x 8ft height

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Soft, silky and surreal! These lush flowing string tassel curtains are delicate and beautiful. Perfect to use as a backdrop, room sectioning, windows, and even for chandeliers. A luxury to touch, and a delight to gaze at, these premium quality silk tassel curtains will elegantly highlight and augment the sophistication of your event’s decoration. Hang these from the arches, walls, pillars, windows, passageways, hallways, and corridors with fairy lights, LEDs, lanterns, pompoms, fringes, foil balloons, or banners to create a truly festive party ambiance. Keep these to add a little bit of fancy to your home décor once the party is over, with such divine appearance and cascading motion, these tassel curtains will add flair and dimension to any dull space!

  • Material: High Quality Silk Tassels
  • Dimensions: 3ft wide x 8ft height
  • Uses: Wedding , Party, Event, Home, Stage Decoration, Backdrops, Passageways


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