4 Pack Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles, Wedding Vase Fillers 2.5"

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Size: 2.5"

Quantity: 4 Candles/Order
Material: Wax
Color: Rose Gold
Candle Diameter: 2.5"
Candle Height: 1.5"
Burn Time: Approx. 2-3 hours. Actual burn time varies depending on altitude and climate.


Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles - Set of 4

Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles - Set of 4

Add a touch of rhythmic radiance to your special occasions with our stunning Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles. These enchanting candles create a soft and mesmerizing glow, casting dancing silhouettes that will captivate your guests. Perfect for weddings, parties, and other events, these luminous blossoms will make eye-catching centerpieces and enhance any tabletop decoration.

To create a truly magical ambiance, simply place these rose-shaped candles in a bowl filled with water. You can also add some extra sparkle and elegance by incorporating pearls, acrylic crystals, submersible LEDs, colored sand, or even real flowers. Let your creativity shine and watch as these floating candles become the focal point of your party decor.

Designed with love and attention to detail, our Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles are not just for weddings. They are also perfect for romantic Valentine's Day celebrations. Enhance their elegance by adding silk rose petals, acrylic crystals, flowers, pearls, heart confetti, or any other sweet embellishments. Dim the lights, play your favorite festive song, and let the rhythmic glow of these dancing candles create a mesmerizing harmony of passions and celebration.

Versatile Wedding Vase Fillers

Versatile Wedding Vase Fillers

Our Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles are not only beautiful centerpieces but also versatile wedding vase fillers. Create magical dancing silhouettes of festive joy by placing these luminous blossoms in clear glass jars filled with water. The soft glow of the candles will add a romantic touch to your wedding decor, making your special day even more memorable.

These stunning floating candles are also perfect for other special celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or engagement parties. Their elegant design and captivating glow will create an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you use them as vase fillers or standalone decorations, these rose-shaped candles are sure to elevate the ambiance of any event.

For a truly cohesive look, pair these wedding vase fillers with other rose gold decor elements. Combine them with floral candles, bulk candles, or other event decorations to create a stunning display that matches your theme. Let the warm and inviting glow of these candles set the mood for a night filled with love, joy, and celebration.

Create an Elegant Rose Gold Decor

Create an Elegant Rose Gold Decor

Transform your space into a haven of elegance with our Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles. These exquisite candles, with their rose gold hue, add a touch of sophistication to any event decor. Whether you're hosting a wedding, party, or any special occasion, these candles will elevate your decor to new heights.

To enhance the allure of these rose floating candles, incorporate them into your existing rose gold decor. Pair them with matching table linens, rose gold accents, and other complementary elements to create a cohesive and luxurious atmosphere. The soft glow of these candles will create a warm and inviting ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Whether you're planning a romantic dinner for two or a grand celebration, our Rose Gold Rose Flower Floating Candles are the perfect addition to your decor. Their beauty and versatility make them a must-have for any event. Let them cast their enchanting glow and create a magical atmosphere that will make your guests feel truly special.

Additional Information:

  • Uses: Floating Candle Bowls, Spa Design, Various Candle Holders and Candelabras, Souvenirs, and Dining Table Accent
  • Note: Weather may affect conditions of the candles if left in extreme heat or when shipping to a hot state; please understand and take these factors into consideration when making your purchase decision.


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Rose gold flowers.. BEAUTIFUL
These are beautiful and add the perfect look for our vases
Lisa M.
Verified Buyer
Gorgeous soft color.
Verified Buyer
These little gold candles add a really nice touch to my centerpieces. I had orange flowers submerged in water in my vases. The floating roses in the vases was really pretty
Verified Buyer
Nice, small and efficient.
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
Gold mini rose flower floating candles
The people loved them on the tables.
Verified Buyer
So cute
real user review 12 Pack Pink Mini Rose Flower Floating Candles Wedding Vase Fillers 1
Perfect love them and they float
Jendayi M.
Verified Buyer
Very Nice!
Beautiful rose gold candles...Will go well with our decor.
Janie B.
Verified Buyer
Great look
Used for my daughters Bridal brunch. Was a hit
Deborah L.
Verified Buyer
All was well
The item was Great
Myra W.
Verified Buyer