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4 PCS Vintage Copper Napkin Rings with Ribbed Surface

Item Number: NAP_RING05

$6.99 Sale Price (Only $1.74 each napkin ring)
$10.14 Retail Price

  • Quantity-4pcs/order
  • Size-Ring:1.75 diameter, 1" width, Edges-1.5mm
  • Metal material

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Add a touch of antique elegance and rustic charm to your dining tables by using our exclusive copper tone napkin rings with a hint of teal color and satin nickel like finish. Intricately handcrafted napkin rings have been accented with an uneven ribbed surface to exude rustic appeal and further spruced up with thin smooth polished edges to complete your perfect dining look. These delicately edged napkin rings with retro textured surface and vintage copper and teal hue will not only transform your lackluster banquet tables into royal tablescapes, but will also prove extremely handy during your dining experience. Nestling your napkins in an imperial manner, these antique look napkin rings will ooze heaps of swish exquisiteness all around.

Additional Information:
Size-Ring:1.75 diameter, 1" width, Edges-1.5mm

Uses: Wedding, Birthday, Party, Event, Banquest, Restaurant Tableware


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