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4 Tier - 14"|12"|10"|8" 4 Tier - 14"|12"|10"|8"

4-Tier XL Clear Acrylic Cake Stand Set Cupcake Holder Dessert Pedestal

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Quantity: Set of 8 Plates and Set of 4 Tubes
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear

Plate Sizes:

  • 14" Round Plate (2 pcs)
  • 12" Round Plate (2 pcs)
  • 10" Round Plate (2 pcs)
  •  8" Round Plate (2 pcs)

      Tube Sizes:

      • 12" Tall Tube (1 pc)
      • 10" Tall Tube (1 pc)
      •  8" Tall Tube (1 pc)
      •  6" Tall Tube (1 pc)
          Combination: 2 Plates + 1 Tube = 1 Cake Tier Set.
          Package Contains: 8 Plates + 4 Tubes
          Tall tube is used for cake, 1 extra short tube is used for the centerpiece bouquet holder

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          Acrylic Cake Stand

          Add an exuberant touch of imperial sophistication to your table décor by gracefully presenting the delectable delicacies atop our 4-tier acrylic cake stands. The smooth and glossy finish will glam up your tables up a notch for weddings, birthdays, showers, holiday parties, and other special events while elevating the entire party ambiance with their classy and esteemed look.

          Cupcake Holder

          Being an emblem of style and elegance, clear acrylic stands are an ideal choice for imbuing a sophisticated charm into your dessert display. Not only will these classy and majestic stands exude a surreal sheen all around your party space but will also excite your guests to nosh on their favorite sweet treats displayed in the most presentable way.

          Tiered Cake Stand

          All it takes to create an eclectic dessert bar is bringing in lovely textures and colors on the table for a stunning dimensional look. Be it a flower accented cake, nicely decorated cookies, and cupcakes, or pretty-colored macarons, you can arrange them all atop these classy acrylic stands to add a dash of imperial elegance to your chic display. Using tiered cake stands for elevating your sweet delights on the table will also give you an edge for decorating the base plates with flowers, candle rings, confetti, rose petals, and other charming accents reinforcing the event theme.

          Additional Information:

          • Tier Set1:
            • 8" Round Plates (2 Pcs)
            • 12" Tube (1 Pc)
          • Tier Set2:
            • 10" Round Plates (2 Pcs)
            • 10" Tube (1 Pc)
          • Tier Set 3:
            • 12" Round Plates (2 Pcs)
            • 8" Tube (1 Pc)
          • Tier Set 4:
            • 14" Round Plates (2 Pcs)
            • 6" Tube (1 Pc)
          • Our tubes are clear acrylic, which means you can decorate the inside of the tube with theme color flowers, battery lights, or other colored items to match your theme.
          • Each tier of the cake stand is separated. Why is this good? Simple, this allows you to arrange in any design you like on any size table. Much more flexibility.
          • HOW TO USE: when putting the plates and tubes together, insert the tube into the plate hole, once tight and firm, that's it, you're done, top your cake, cupcakes, and wedding favors on the display plate. Do not keep pressing the tube all the way in when the assembly is already tight/firm, as this may cause the plate to break.