40" Magical Mermaid Style Mirror Mosaic and Pearl Studded Floor Vase

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Quantity: 1pc/order
Material: Ceramic
Flower Pearl: 2cm
Diamond Studs: 1cm
Item Height: 40"
Item Width: 11"
Opening Width: 9"
Item Base: 12"
Depth: 5"
Ornamentation Details: 2cm Flower Pearl, 1cm Diamond Studs, Silver Studs, Mirror Mosaic.


        Pearl Studded Floor Vase

        Looking for a chic and luxurious way to spruce up your event decor? Look no further than our exquisite pearl studded floor vase. Crafted from ceramic, this beautiful vase comes adorned with tons of delicate pearls, giving a sumptuous allure to any setting. Fill it with fresh flowers or greenery for a pop of color, or use it as a stand-alone piece to exude opulence. It's a classic and timeless piece that will ooze sophistication into any space.


        Mirror Mosaic Floor Vase

        A truly stunning piece — this mirror mosaic floor vase is sure to impart a regal appeal to any decor. The intricately designed vase is decorated with shiny reflecting mosaic mirror embellishments, which sparkle and catch the light brilliantly. The impactful size makes it a real statement piece. Whether you place it in corners to simply enjoy its captivating beauty or near the furniture, the classic design will complement any setting.


        Mermaid Style Studded Floor Vase

        The mermaid-style studded floor vase has a beautiful mermaid shape and is studded with loads of flower pearls, diamond studs, silver Studs, and mirror mosaics. Use this magnificent decor accent to decorate the aisle, corners, floors, or tablescape to augment the aesthetics manifolds.


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