5 Pack Terracotta (Rust) Premium Sheen Finish Velvet Cloth Dinner Napkins 20"x20"

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Quantity: 5 Napkins
Material: Velvet
Color: Terracotta (Rust)
Size: 20"x20"
Edges: Serged
Seamless, 1pc Design
Feature: Soft, textured feel with sheen finish


Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Cloth Napkins for Luxurious Tablescape

Introducing our Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Cloth Napkins, the perfect addition to elevate your tablescape with a pretty pop of color and a touch of texture. These premium sheen finish napkins are designed to blend seamlessly with your event décor, creating a truly splendid ambiance for weddings, receptions, birthdays, or showers. Let these chic linens greet your guests in all their splendor and leave a lasting impression.

Crafted with the utmost care, our Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Cloth Napkins boast a silky, soft feel and a lustrous shine that exudes luxury and grandeur. Their impeccable quality and elegant design make them the ideal choice to enhance the aesthetics of any event. Whether you're hosting a high-end gala or an intimate dinner party, these napkins will add a touch of sophistication to your table setups.

To achieve a glamorous look, consider folding these royal beauties into glimmering napkin rings, further accentuating their textural appeal. Their versatile nature allows you to experiment with different folding styles, from crisp squares to elegant pockets. For an extra touch of elegance, wrap our gold leaf ribbon trims around them. Pair these Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Cloth Napkins with matching velvet tablecloths and runners to create a cohesive and impactful blend of timeless accents.


Premium Quality Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Dinner Napkins

Indulge in the luxurious aura of our Premium Quality Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Dinner Napkins. These 20"x20" cloth napkins are meticulously crafted to provide a lavish dining experience for your guests. The rich Terracotta (Rust) color adds warmth and sophistication to any table setting, making them a perfect choice for both formal and casual occasions.

With their plush velvet texture and exquisite sheen finish, these napkins are designed to impress. As you run your fingers across their silky surface, you'll feel the utmost comfort and elegance. Their premium quality ensures they will withstand the test of time, making them a valuable addition to your event decor collection.

Create a modern and stylish look by artfully styling these luxurious accents on your table. Whether you prefer a crisp square fold or a graceful drape off the edge, these napkins will effortlessly elevate your place settings. Their versatility allows you to experiment with various folding techniques, adding a touch of creativity to your dining experience. Stock up on our 5 Pack Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Dinner Napkins to ensure you always have these timeless dining staples on hand.


Elevate Your Table Decor with Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Napkins

Enhance the beauty of your table decor with our Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Napkins. The rich Terracotta (Rust) color adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any event, making them a must-have for your party essentials. Whether you're hosting a lavish wedding or an intimate gathering, these napkins will instantly elevate the ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

The sheen finish of these napkins adds a subtle shimmer, creating a luxurious allure that catches the eye. Their premium quality ensures a soft and plush feel, providing the utmost comfort for your guests. These napkins are not just practical dining accessories, but also exquisite decorative elements that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your table setup.

With our Terracotta (Rust) Velvet Napkins, you have endless possibilities for styling. Fold them into a crisp square for a classic look, or let them drape off the edge of your table for a more relaxed vibe. You can even add a pretty bow or fold them into an elegant pocket, adding a touch of sophistication to your table decor. Whether you're hosting a large event or an intimate gathering, these napkins are perfect for adding a touch of luxury and style.


Additional Information:

  • Maintenance: Gently hand wash, spills immediately. Refrain from rubbing the fabric. Gently brush out dried substances. Turn inside out when ironing or steaming. When ironing, move in the direction of the pile. Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, line dry. Do not bleach/iron.
  • Uses: Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration.
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    Bearly can wait
    real user review 5 Pack Dusty Blue Premium Sheen Finish Velvet Cloth Dinner Napkins 20
    Love them .recommend to buy every color
    Rose W.
    Verified Buyer
    Loved this napkin
    Very nice feel and great size! Plan to purchase more.
    Verified Buyer
    These cloth napkins are beautiful. They are a vibrant deep red color and the velvet material makes them nice and soft. The give your event that pop that you didn't know you needed.
    Gremarie A.
    Verified Buyer
    real user review 5 Pack Champagne Premium Sheen Finish Velvet Cloth Dinner Napkins 20
    The color is great and I like the velvet feel, but the linen seemed uneven when I tried different folding styles.
    Jasmin B.
    Verified Buyer
    Great fabric, vibrant color!
    Verified Buyer
    Very nice
    real user review 5 Pack White Premium Sheen Finish Velvet Cloth Dinner Napkins 20
    I was shocked that I was able to fold them so easily, I thought the napkins would be stiff because of the material. Love them!
    Rashetta R.
    Verified Buyer
    They came out looking real nice love the quality
    Verified Buyer
    It’s absolutely stunning!!
    Verified Buyer
    Very nice
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer