50 Pack Mini Gold Rectangle Dessert Slice Paper Trays, Cake Boards 2.4"x4"

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Quantity: 50 Mini Cake Bases
Material: Food Grade Cardboard
Color: Shiny Gold
Style: Rectangle Cake Board w/ Side Tab Handle
Overall Size: 4"L x 2.4"W
Cardboard Thickness: 1mm
Features: High Quality, Grease Proof, Disposable, Recyclable, Sturdy, Durable
Small tab on the side for convenient serving and handling
Gold Shiny Part is on 1-Side Only


    Add a Touch of Elegance with Mini Gold Rectangle Dessert Trays

    Add a Touch of Elegance with Mini Gold Rectangle Dessert Trays

    Elevate your dessert display with our stunning Mini Gold Rectangle Dessert Trays. These exquisite cake boards are crafted from food-grade cardboard, ensuring both durability and safety for your delicious creations. The shiny gold color adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, making these mini cake bases perfect for any special occasion. Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary celebration, these trays will make your desserts shine.

    Not only are these dessert trays visually appealing, but they also serve a practical purpose. The rectangular shape allows them to fit seamlessly on any table or countertop, maximizing your display space. Say goodbye to messy icing and crumbs on your surfaces - our cake boards provide a protective barrier, keeping your presentation clean and professional.

    With our 50 pack of Mini Gold Rectangle Dessert Trays, you'll have more than enough for your event. Whether you're a professional baker or a DIY enthusiast, having a bulk supply of these trays ensures that you're always prepared. No need to worry about running out or scrambling to find replacements. Plus, they're disposable for your convenience, making cleanup a breeze. These trays are the perfect addition to your party supplies, allowing you to focus on creating memorable moments for your guests.

    Versatile and Stylish Cake Boards for Every Occasion

    Versatile and Stylish Cake Boards for Every Occasion

    Introducing our Shiny Gold Rectangle Cake Boards - the ultimate versatile solution for all your dessert presentation needs. These premium cardboard bases are not only elegant but also disposable, saving you time and effort on cleanup. Whether you're hosting a large-scale event or a small gathering, these cake boards are perfect for showcasing your culinary creations.

    From weddings to birthdays, these cake boards are ideal for any celebration. They can be used as wedding decor, adding a touch of glamour to your dessert table. The shiny gold finish complements any color scheme, making it easy to coordinate with your party theme. These cake boards are also great for cake decorators, providing a sturdy and beautiful backdrop for your edible masterpieces.

    Don't limit yourself to just cakes - these versatile cake boards are also perfect for cupcakes, pastries, and other delectable treats. Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, these cake boards will elevate your dessert presentation to the next level. Impress your guests with your attention to detail and create a memorable experience with our Shiny Gold Rectangle Cake Boards.

    Create a Luxurious Dessert Display with Metallic Gold Dessert Bases

    Create a Luxurious Dessert Display with Metallic Gold Dessert Bases

    Make a statement at your next event with our Metallic Gold Dessert Bases. These stunning cake boards provide a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your cakes, cupcakes, and other dessert creations. The shiny gold finish adds a touch of opulence, creating a luxurious backdrop for your delicious treats. Whether you're hosting a formal wedding reception or a casual birthday party, these dessert bases will impress your guests.

    Crafted from high-quality materials, our cake boards are not only visually appealing but also sturdy and reliable. You can trust that your desserts will be securely displayed without any worries. The wide surface of these cake boards is perfect for mini cakes, allowing you to showcase multiple desserts at once. The metallic gold color enhances the presentation, making your desserts look even more appetizing and irresistible.

    Not only are our Metallic Gold Dessert Bases perfect for special occasions, but they're also eco-friendly. Made from sustainable materials, these cake boards are a responsible choice for the environment-conscious shopper. You can indulge in your love for desserts while minimizing your carbon footprint. Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a home baker, our cake boards will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your dessert display.

    Additional Information:

    • This is the preferred material used by pro pastry experts. Nothing to wash later. Simply throw these in the recycling bin after use.
    • These are made with non-toxic cardboard with no harsh chemicals or additives. Appropriate for use with food preparation
    • Ideal for displaying cupcakes, mini cakes, pastries, mousse cakes, chocolates, brownies, and other pastries.