500 Pack Dusty Rose Silk Rose Petals Table Confetti or Floor Scatters

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  • White
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  • Gold
  • Blush
  • Dusty rose
  • Pink
  • Fuchsia
  • Red
  • Burgundy
  • Lavender Lilac
  • Purple
  • Light blue
  • Serenity blue
  • Royal blue
  • Navy blue
  • Yellow
  • Mint green/Tea green
  • Lime green sage
  • Hunter Emerald Green
  • Silver
  • Black


Quantity: 500 Petals
Material: Silk & Fabric
Color: Dusty Rose
Petal Size: 1.75" x 1.5"
Petal Type: Rose


Enhance Your Event with Dusty Rose Silk Rose Petals

Create a captivating and romantic atmosphere for your special occasion with our 500 Pack Dusty Rose Silk Rose Petals. These exquisite petals are the perfect addition to your wedding decor, party decorations, or any other festive celebration. The soft and delicate dusty rose color will add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your event.

Transform your venue into a mesmerizing rose garden by scattering these silk rose petals on tables, around the aisle, or even create a beautiful trail leading to the entrance. Let your guests feel the joy and beauty of being surrounded by these colorful petals, immersing themselves in the romance and charm of your jollification.

Our high-quality silk rose petals are designed to mimic the look and feel of real rose petals, but without the worry of wilting or staining. They are lightweight and easy to handle, making them perfect for decorating your event space. Whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or any other special occasion, these dusty rose silk rose petals will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your decor.


Versatile and Stunning Table Confetti

In addition to their enchanting beauty, our Dusty Rose Silk Rose Petals also double as stunning table confetti. Sprinkle these petals on your tables to create a whimsical and romantic ambiance that will leave your guests in awe. The delicate dusty rose color will complement any color scheme or theme, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your event.

Whether you're hosting a wedding reception, bridal shower, or anniversary party, these table confetti petals will elevate your table settings and make them truly memorable. The soft and silky texture of the petals will enhance the overall visual appeal of your decor, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Our 500 pack of dusty rose silk rose petals provides you with an ample amount of confetti to sprinkle on multiple tables, ensuring a consistent and cohesive look throughout your event space. Let these petals be the finishing touch that completes your table decor and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


Add a Touch of Romance to Your Event

Roses have always been a symbol of love, beauty, and happiness, and our Dusty Rose Silk Rose Petals allow you to incorporate these sentiments into your event decor. Whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary, or any other celebration, these rose petals will infuse your event with a romantic and joyful ambiance.

Surround your guests with the refreshing joy of being immersed in a sea of delicate petals. The dusty rose color evokes a sense of romance and elegance, creating a captivating and enchanting atmosphere that will make your event truly memorable. Let the beauty and charm of these rose petals be a reflection of your love and celebration.

Our bulk pack of 500 dusty rose silk rose petals ensures that you have more than enough to adorn your event space and create a stunning visual impact. Whether you choose to scatter them on the floor, create a petal pathway, or use them as decorative accents, these rose petals will add a touch of magic and romance to your event.


Additional Information:

  • These are perfect for favor making, decorating, crafting, and other DIY projects.


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Great value
real user review 500 Pack Metallic Gold Silk Rose Petals Table Confetti or Floor Scatters
The value for the amount petals and quality are great
Kimmi C.
Verified Buyer
Nice color
I haven't used petals. But I like the color and on time delivery . Waiting for an upcoming event .....
Verified Buyer
Everything about this place so far has been perfect. The description of the products are spot on. The prices can't be beat.
Darla a.
Verified Buyer
The color was a little darker but still worked well with my color theme. Arrived quickly.
Verified Buyer
They arrived quickly. Perfect material and it looked good on the table.
Verified Buyer
Very pretty
Verified Buyer
Will go great with other decor
Verified Buyer
Nicely pack just know you’ll have to separate them one by one they come pressed together.
Verified Buyer
They look nice. I haven't used them yet.
Verified Buyer
Look nice but haven't used them yet.
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