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54" x 72" Pink 10mil Thick Disposable Waterproof Vinyl Rectangular Tablecloth

Item Number: TAB_PVC_S01_015

54" x 72" Pink 10mil Thick Disposable Waterproof Vinyl Rectangular Tablecloth
Spotless Elegance 54x72" Disposable Plastic Table Cover - Pink
54"x72" 10mil Thick Disposable Waterproof Plastic Vinyl Tablecloth - Pink
54" x 72" Pink 10mil Thick Disposable Waterproof Vinyl Rectangular Tablecloth
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$27.49 Retail Price

Material: Plastic
Color: Pink
Product Length: 72 inches
Product Width: 54 inches
Product Thickness: 10 mil
Design : Solid
Shape: Rectangle
Reusable: Yes
Seamless: yes
Durable: Yes
Waterproof: Yes
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

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    Eliminate the hassle of cleaning the table cloths and keeping them wrinkle free. These accident resistant heavy duty plastic table cloths are sturdy enough to avoid tears and rips, and an ideal choice for outdoor/ indoor parties, birthday bashes, banquets and other culinary events. We offer these durable, disposable and upscale quality plastic table cloths to solve the budgetary challenges usually faced by professional party planners, family reunion organizers, and themed birthday party planners.


    These table covers are an ideal choice for any occasions. Speed up cleaning so you can turn tables faster! You'll never have to waste time and money laundering linen table covers again.


    Aside from its elegance, it effectively repels water, making it ideal for protecting tables from spills. You'll never have to worry about juice or wine spilling across the table again.


    Our table cover is made from high quality PVC plastic which gives you superior strength and durability and also provides the convenience of disposability that your events require.

    Additional Information:

    • Uses : Wedding, Birthday, Party, Event, Banquet, Restaurant Decoration
    • Note : For table cover only, no other decorations are included.


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