5ft | 4-Tiered Gold Hoop Pillar Flower Stand, Metal Wedding Arch Table Centerpiece - Hoop Wreath

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Size: 5ft


Quantity: 1 Set Hoop Pillars
Material: Metal
Color: Gold
Style: 4 Tiered Metal Hoop Centerpiece

Set Includes:

  • 1x Base
  • 1x Large Hoop
  • 1x Medium Hoop
  • 2x Small Hoops
  • 1x Bag of Parts
Overall Size: 60"H x 33"L
Assembly Required: Yes
Easy to Assemble: Step-By-Step instructions given under Additional Information
Features: Durable & Reusable
Will need tools to assemble the item


Gold Metal Hoop Centerpiece

Artistic metallic construction and contemporary hooped design make this Pillar Stand a stylish choice to elegantly jazz up your party or home décor. Fashioned from heavy duty metal and styled in modish adjoined ring structure, this eccentric stand can be used to gorgeously decorate any indoor or outdoor space.


Metal Flower Stand

Sturdy and durable metal formation let you flaunt and exhibit your heavy decorations and accents firmly while splayed footed base ensure maximum support and balance of your decorations. Open hooped design is ideal to artistically play with your creativity and ingenuity. Decorate with greenery vines and garlands, swathe sheer or flowy fabrics for a cascading effect, hang terrariums, glass globes, planters, and pots, adorn with balloons, LED lights, banners, and streamers, and more!


Easy to Assemble

Stylish in effect and versatile in accenting applications, this multipurpose Pillar Stand can be used to make wedding arch, balloon arch, table centerpiece, floor décor, aisle décor, display stand, stage décor, backdrops, and photo booth background.


Additional Information:

  • Width of Base and Each Circle: 1cm
  • Thickness of Base and Each Circle: 1mm
  • Height:
    • Base: 3.75"
    • Large Circle: 24"
  • Diameter:
    • Base: 19.5"
    • Large Circle: 21" 
    • Medium Circle: 17"
    • Small Circle: 13.75" 
  • Bag Of Parts Contents:
    • 8x Hex Bolts: 1.25"L, Top/Neck Diameter: 1cm | 0.5cm
    • 8x Washers: 1cm Outer Diameter x 4mm Thick
    • Washer Hole Diameter: 0.5cm
  • Assembly Instruction Not Included with the item.

Hooped Pillar Assembly instruction:

Equipment/Parts needed:

  • Long Nose Plier/Monkey Wrench (for tightening Washers and Bolt)
  • Screwdriver
  • Bag of Parts that come with the Item: 8xHex Bolts, 8xWashers (1xBolt, 1xWasher Extra!)
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Large Circle
  • 1x Medium Circle
  • 2x Small Circle

How to Assemble:

  1. Take the base and loosen the screw. Take the large circle and insert the Pillar End into the base. Use screwdriver to tighten screw on base to secure large circle in place.
  2. Take 1xsmall circle that has 2 sets of holes. You need to align the center set of holes of this circle to the center set of holes on the large circle. Fasten each hole with a hex bolt and a washer. Tighten using plier/wrench. There should be 1xset of holes on the diagonal part of the small circle left.
  3. Take the medium circle and align any set of holes to the small circle's remaining set of holes. Fasten each hole with a hex bolt and a washer. Tighten using Plier/wrench. You should have 1xset of holes remaining.
  4. Take 1xsmall circle that has 1 set of holes and align its holes to the remaining hole on the medium circle. Fasten each hole with a hex bolt and a washer. Tighten using a plier/wrench.
  5. Now, you are done. Proceed to use to for whatever Occasion you'd like to.