6 Pack Clear / Gold Lined Rim Plastic Wedding Charger Plates, Round Disposable Serving Plates with Elegant Ringed Rim 13"

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  • Pack of 6 Charger Plates$3.17 each
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Quantity: 6 Charger Plates
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear | Gold
Style: Lined Ring Pattern
Outer Diameter: 13"
Inner Diameter: 7.5
Depth: 0.25"
Shape: Round
Perfectly pairs with our Placemats


Clear / Gold Lined Ring Serving Plates

Get ready to embark on an otherworldly dining experience with our mesmerizing Clear/Gold Lined Ring Pattern Disposable Charger Plates. As you set your table, allow these exquisite plates to transport you to a realm where elegance meets cosmic allure. Envision a constellation of delicate gold rings gracefully orbiting the rim, creating a celestial masterpiece that captures the very essence of luxury. Expertly crafted from premium quality plastic, these charger plates effortlessly elevate your dining presentation while providing the convenience of easy disposal. Indulge your senses and transform every meal into a celestial affair with our Lined Ring Pattern Disposable Charger Plates.


Clear / Gold Disposable Charger Plates With Elegant Ringed Rim

Unleash your inner hosting extraordinaire with our captivating round disposable serving plates featuring a mesmerizing concentric lined rim. These plates are more than mere dinnerware; they are a symbol of style and sophistication. Picture a stunning table setting adorned with these sleek plates, their concentric lined rim drawing your guests' attention to the tantalizing culinary delights before them. Meticulously crafted with utmost precision, these charger plates exude elegance while offering the practicality of easy disposal. Whether you're hosting a lavish dinner party, an enchanting wedding reception, or a casual gathering with friends, these serving plates effortlessly elevate your presentation. Embrace the art of effortless entertaining and leave a lasting impression with our round disposable serving plates featuring a captivating concentric lined rim.


Clear / Gold Ringed Rim Decorative Charger Plates

Ignite a sense of wonder and delight as you serve your culinary creations on our exquisite Clear/Gold Lined Ring Pattern Disposable Charger Plates. These serving trays are a visual symphony, featuring a celestial design that evokes the awe-inspiring beauty of the cosmos. Delicate gold rings gracefully orbit the rim, infusing an aura of celestial glamour that transforms any table into a captivating wonderland. Expertly crafted from high-quality plastic, these charger plates offer the perfect blend of durability and elegance, making them an ideal choice for both formal occasions and casual gatherings. From elegant dinner parties to celestial-themed events, these plates are the perfect companion to elevate your dining experience. Prepare to dazzle your guests and create an unforgettable atmosphere with our Clear/Gold Lined Ring Pattern Disposable Charger Plates.


Additional Information:

  • Sale is for Charger Plates only, other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Easy to wash simply wash under hot rinsing water.
  • WARNING: These plates are not microwave or dishwasher friendly.
  • Uses: Perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, graduation parties, and other formal catered events
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    Golden Sunset
    real user review 6 Pack | 13
    The day could not have been better. Our luncheon was a hit with all the orange details and the splash of gold from those beautiful rimmed chargers!
    Bernadette S.
    Verified Buyer