6 Pack Gold Square Acrylic Charger Plates with Hollow Lace Border, Dinner Chargers Event Tabletop Decor - 12"

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Quantity: 6 Charger Plates
Material: Acrylic
Color: Gold
Style: Square Hollow Lace Border
Overall Size: 12"x 12"
Inner Diameter: 6.5"
Depth: 0.5"
Shape: Square


Exquisite Gold Acrylic Square Charger Plates

Exquisite Gold Acrylic Square Charger Plates

Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite set of Acrylic Charger Plates, Vintage Square design, adorned with a Square Hollow Lace Border. These stunning dinner chargers are not just functional pieces but also serve as captivating event tabletop decor, adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

Crafted to perfection, this set includes 6 charger plates meticulously crafted from high-quality acrylic material. The acrylic construction ensures durability while exuding an elegant appeal, making them the perfect choice for both casual gatherings and formal events.

With a luxurious gold color, these charger plates bring a touch of opulence to your table setting. The rich gold hue adds warmth and glamour, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your dining area and creating a captivating focal point.

Modern Gold Charger Plates

Modern Gold Charger Plates

Featuring a square shape, these charger plates offer a modern twist on traditional round designs. The square silhouette adds visual interest and a contemporary flair to your table, making them an eye-catching addition to any place setting.

Measuring 12 inches in outer and 7 inches in inner diameter, these charger plates provide ample space to showcase your dinnerware. The generous size accommodates various plate sizes, allowing you to layer dishes and create a beautifully curated presentation.

Delicate Gold Charger Plates

Delicate Gold Charger Plates

The intricate square hollow lace border adds a delicate and intricate detail to these charger plates, elevating them from ordinary tableware to exquisite tabletop decor. The lace border adds a touch of vintage charm, creating a romantic and whimsical ambiance.

Perfect for weddings, dinner parties, or any special occasion, these charger plates are sure to impress your guests and elevate the overall dining experience. Their versatile design allows them to complement a wide range of decor styles, from classic and elegant to modern and contemporary. In addition to their decorative appeal, these charger plates also serve a practical purpose by protecting your table linens from spills and stains. Their sturdy acrylic construction ensures long-lasting durability, making them a valuable addition to your tableware collection.

Transform your dining table into a captivating display of elegance and style with our Acrylic Charger Plates, Vintage Square design. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a lavish event, these charger plates will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Additional Information:

  • Sale is for Charger Plates only, other decorative accessories are not included.
  • Easy to wash simply wash under hot rinsing water.
  • WARNING: These plates are not microwave or dishwasher friendly.
  • Uses: Perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, graduation parties, and other formal catered events
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