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8 Pack | 16" Elastic String Photography Backdrop Clamps, Holder Clips

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Quantity: 8 Pcs Clamp Clips
Color: Black
Overall Length: 16.5“ (fully expended)
Elastic Rope: 6"-12" (fully expended)
Holder Clip: 0.75"H x 0.4"W 
Clip Open Size: 1cm maximum
Velcro Size: 11"L X 0.75" W
Easy Adjustment: To Remove Wrinkles and Unevenness Shown on the Muslin


Photography Backdrop Clamps

Firmly grip your party backdrops with our premium quality curtain clips to give it a flawless even look. Designed with hard plastic material, these heavy-duty clamps will remove the wrinkles and help you perfectly set your backdrops for all your indoor and outdoor events. Whether it is a muslin, canvas, paper, or cloth backdrop, you can secure them all to a crossbar using these high-quality nylon backdrop clips.

Backdrop Holder Clips

Give your deluxe party backdrops a perfect posh look you’ve been dreaming of to accentuate your special celebrations up a notch. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, these lightweight clipping clamps will perform ceaselessly to give you a picturesque photo booth backdrop for all your high-end events, casual dinner parties, and festive occasions.

Elastic String Photography Clamps

Not only will these nylon clips help you install a flamboyant backdrop easily but will also help you create a professional-looking setup anywhere and anytime. Simply clip them onto the backdrop stand to keep your backdrop nice and straight with the help of moveable orange tips applying constant pressure without leaving any damage.

Additional Information:

  • Much Lighter Weight of the Traditional Muslin Clamps
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Photography, Exhibition Decoration