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84" Burgundy Crushed Design Plastic Round Tablecloth

Item Number: TAB_PVC_R01_BURG

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$241.48 Retail Price

  • Material : PVC Plastic
  • Measurements : 84"
  • Shape : Round
  • Color : Burgundy 
  • One time use table covers, also durable enough to be reused

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Create a cheerfully vibrant environment and match the mood of any occasion, with our exciting and colorful line of Heavy Duty PVC Plastic Tablecloths. Manufactured from premium quality PVC plastic, these stain resistant and waterproof tablecloths will not only protect your tables from accidental spills and scratches, but will also impart a look of festive radiance to your banquet tables, dessert tables, cake tables, or guest tables. These handy tablecloths are an ideal choice for adding colors to tables at wedding reception, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversary parties, Luaus, and more. Drape one atop your table during arts and crafts projects to keep your tabletop clean, too! Make your cleanup time a breeze with these reusable tablecloths. Pick the color that matches your theme and keep your tabletop flawless!

Additional Information:

  • Material : PVC Plastic
  • Measurements : 84"
  • Shape : Round
  • Color :Burgundy 
  • One time use table covers, also durable enough to be reused
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration, Arts and Craft Projects


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