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90" x 156" Ivory 90x156" Pintuck Tablecloths Ivory 90x156" Pintuck Tablecloths

90" x 156" Ivory Taffeta Pintuck Rectangular Tablecloth

Item Number: TAB_PTK90156_IVR

Ivory 90x156" Pintuck Tablecloths
Ivory 90x156" Pintuck Tablecloths
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$677.40 Retail Price

  • Material: Taffeta Pintuck
  • Size: 90"x156" Rectangle
  • Pintuck square size 3"x3"
  • Hemmed edges for an exquisite look
  • Gives floor length hang on 30x96" tables

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    Pintuck is actually a fold of fabric that is stitched intricately to hold it in a place, very much like a pleat. Celebrate your special day with our splendid square pintuck style tablecloths spread elegantly atop your plain and ordinary table covers. Be the show stopper by designing some awesome bows and other accents with pintuck patterns and style. Create an inviting ambiance for your guests by throwing a pintuck theme ambiance containing squared pattern napkins, sashes, runners, and linens.

    • Material: Taffeta Pintuck
    • Measurements: Approx. 90" wide x 156" long
    • How to Care: Hand wash, Hang dry only.
    • Each pintuck square measures approximately 3"x3"
    • Tablecloths have hemmed edges for an exquisite look.
    • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration

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