Clear 3-Tier Round Plastic Cupcake Tower Stand with Gold Beaded Rim, Dessert Display Tea Party Serving Platter With Top Handle - 14" Tall

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Quantity: 1 Cake Stand
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear | Gold
Style: 3-Tier w/ Top Handle and Beaded Rim
Overall Size: 12.4"L x 12.4"W x 14"H
Top Tray Size: 7.5"Dia.
Middle Tray Size: 10"Dia.
Bottom Tray Size: 12.4"Dia.
Height Between Each Tier: 4.5"
Comes with handle on top for easy carrying and handling
Bag Of Tools: 1x Screw, 1x Washer, 1x Screw Driver
Assembly Required: Yes. Easy To Assemble.


<strong>Add A Touch of Elegance With Clear 3-Tier Round Plastic Cupcake Stand</strong>

Add A Touch of Elegance With Clear 3-Tier Round Plastic Cupcake Stand

There's something truly special about our 3-Tier Cake Stand. Imagine it sitting at the center of your table, its clear, round tiers holding your lovingly made desserts. This isn't just any cake stand; it's a showcase, designed to let your culinary creations shine. The clear plastic gleams under the lights, a perfect contrast to the vibrant colors of your cakes and pastries. And then, there's the gold-beaded rim. It's like the stand's own little necklace, adding a dash of elegance without stealing the show.

The real charm, though, might just be the top handle. Picture carrying your masterpiece from the kitchen to the living room, handle in hand, feeling a bit like a magician about to reveal the grand trick. It's this blend of beauty and practicality that makes our stand not just a serving piece but a part of the celebration. It stands proudly, knowing it plays a role in bringing people together, making those moments of "wow" as the desserts come out just a bit more magical.

<strong>A Stage for Every Sweet- Dessert Display Serving Stand</strong>

A Stage for Every Sweet- Dessert Display Serving Stand

What's your occasion? A birthday bash with layers of cupcakes? A high tea with delicate pastries and scones? Or maybe a casual family gathering that calls for an assortment of cookies? Our stand is like your personal stage manager, ready to adapt to your show. Each tier is an opportunity to create a scene, from a colorful array of macarons to a sophisticated display of chocolates and truffles.

This isn't just about sweets, though. Imagine a cheese night, with each tier featuring selections from different countries, or a bridal shower with tiers of favors for guests to take home. The stand transitions seamlessly from one event to the next, its clear tiers and golden accents fitting every theme like it was made just for that moment. It's the versatility that makes you think, "How did I ever host without this?"

<strong>Practical & Durable 3 Tier Clear Beaded Serving Platter</strong>

Practical & Durable 3 Tier Clear Beaded Serving Platter

Made from the finest plastic, it's designed to last, to be there for every milestone, celebration, and quiet afternoon tea. It's tough, yes, but without compromising on the elegance we all love. And when the party's over? Cleaning is a breeze, ensuring your stand is ready and looking its best for the next event. It's this combination of lasting beauty and practicality that makes our cake stand a true keeper. It's more than just a serving piece; it's a part of the family, joining you for every celebration, every special moment.

In every detail, from its elegant design to its practical durability, our 3-Tier Cake Stand is not just about serving desserts; it's about creating memories. It's about the anticipation as you prepare to reveal your latest creation, the joy of sharing it with loved ones, and the satisfaction of doing it all again. It's more than a stand—it's a companion in your hosting journey, ready to make each occasion unforgettable.

Additional Information:

  • Our 3-tier cake stand is firm, reliable, and stable. Each tier is made of high-quality plastic and the tiers are interconnected by sturdy posts with screws for strength and stability.
  • Use it as a Display Stand for Cakes, Cupcakes & Desserts, Serving Stand for Candies, Cookies or Fruit.
  • Perfect for Weddings, Event, Birthday Parties, Baby Shower, Quinceanera and more.