Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangle Tablecloth 6ft Table Cover For 72"x30" Tables

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Size: 6 FT

Quantity: 1 Fitted Rectangular Table Cover
Material: Polyester
Color: Fuchsia / Hot Pink
Table Size: Fits 6FT Rectangular Table (about 72" x 30")
Thickness: 200 GSM
Tablecloth comes in a seamless, 1pc design.
Stain & wrinkle resistant
Intended to be used for 6 feet banquet rectangle tables.


Elevate Your Event Decor with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft

Elevate Your Event Decor with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your party tables with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft. This premium quality tablecloth is designed to perfectly fit your 6ft rectangular tables, providing a seamless and polished look. Whether you're hosting an indoor tea party, a birthday celebration, or a grand wedding reception, this table cover is the perfect choice to enhance the ambiance of your event.

Crafted from top-quality polyester material, this tablecloth not only adds a pop of vibrant fuchsia color to your tables but also offers durability and sturdiness. It can withstand heavy-duty usage during outdoor carnivals, culinary events, and even withstand extensive reuse. You can confidently plan as many events as you want and invite as many guests as you desire, without worrying about the expenses or your budget.

The fitted style of this table cover adds a visual element to your table settings, instantly transforming them into elegant tablescapes. It not only provides a protective layer to your banquet or wedding tables but also adds a decorative touch. Let these chic beauties glam up your party tables, exuding style, class, and elegance. With this fuchsia table cover, you can create a magnificent feast with an upscale feel and an elite look without breaking the bank.

Versatile and Stylish Table Cover for Any Occasion

Versatile and Stylish Table Cover for Any Occasion

Whether you're hosting a formal corporate event or a casual backyard gathering, the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft is the perfect choice for all occasions. Its premium quality and vibrant fuchsia color make it a versatile option that can effortlessly complement any party theme. From weddings to birthday parties, this table cover will elevate the overall aesthetic of your event decor.

Not only does this table cover offer style and elegance, but it also provides practicality and convenience. The polyester material is easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to reuse it for future events. Its seamless design ensures a sleek and polished look, while the fitted style ensures a snug and secure fit on your tables. Say goodbye to wrinkled and ill-fitting tablecloths, and say hello to a flawless and professional presentation.

Planning a themed event? The fuchsia color of this table cover is perfect for creating a vibrant and eye-catching atmosphere. Whether it's a princess-themed birthday party or a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, this table cover will set the stage for a memorable and visually stunning experience. Let your creativity run wild and impress your guests with a table setting that reflects your unique style and attention to detail.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft

Unleash Your Creativity with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft

Indulge your creative side and unleash your imagination with the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft. This premium quality tablecloth opens the gates of creativity and ingenuity, allowing you to design captivating table settings that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. With its high standard material and ability to withstand heavy-duty events, this table cover is an ideal choice for enhancing the elegance of your party and banquet tables.

Choose from our extensive array of colors and pick the perfect hue to coordinate with your party theme. The fuchsia color adds a bold and vibrant touch, instantly transforming your tables into focal points of attention. Whether you're going for a monochromatic look or want to create a striking contrast, this table cover offers endless possibilities for customization.

Not only is this table cover a stylish addition to your event decor, but it also offers practicality and durability. The polyester material is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and can be easily cleaned and reused. Say goodbye to disposable tablecloths and embrace a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. Invest in the Fuchsia Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft and elevate your event decor to new heights.

Additional Information:

  • How to Care: Tablecloths are machine washable. Use warm water wash, low temp dry.
  • For Tablecloth only, decorations not included
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration
  • Linen Care Instructions


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    It was beautiful
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    Completed the whole look of the event
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    table cover 6 ft
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    Baby shower
    Love them, perfect for the 6 ft. long tables
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    Tea party
    Did not use them, the color was not what i expected
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    Love these fitted linens
    real user review Dusty Blue Fitted Polyester Rectangular Table Cover 6ft
    I love these fitted linens they work great for food tables. The fit is nice and it makes what you are displaying look great.
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    Excellent Quality
    Exactly as described
    Ginger C.
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    White table cloths
    It worked great
    Miriam M.
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    Perfect fit, make the tables elegant
    We bought these for all the tables used at an event and it really helped make the tables/space look more elegant. We used white table cloths still but this hid the under side of the tables nicely.
    Gracie p.
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