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Gold Lamour Satin Universal Chair Cover


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  • Qty: 1 Chair Cover
  • Material: Lamour Satin
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 53" tall x 47" width
  • How to care: Warm water wash. Low temp dry.
  • Note: Fits Banquet, Folding, and Chiavari style chairs.
  • All sizes are approximate measurements

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Fall in love with the silky smoothness and alluring luster of our special edition, L’Amour Satin chair covers. Lamour is a French word for Love and Romance; undoubtedly, no one can stop himself from falling head over heels in love with this consummate masterpiece. Lamour Satin is a gorgeous 100% polyester satin fabric that is medium weight satin, fashioned exclusively for the elites. The glossy finish and upscale look of this chair cover will elevate your event’s décor to the status of royals.

For those upscale events that call for a red carpet presentation and swanky touch, our L’Amour Satin chair covers are a picture perfect choice. Your guests will instantly be in an awe of your swish taste and highly chic ambiance decoration. The carefully hand stitched refined edges are smooth and firm, no fraying. Pair this delicate luxury with our L’Amour overlays, chair sashes and runners, with luminous chandeliers and LEDs, heightening the exotic mood of  your special event!

  • Works with Banquet, Folding, and Chiavari style chairs.
  • Material: Lamour Satin
  • Approximate Measurements: 47" Wide x 53" Height
  • As long as the width / height of chair is smaller than the cover itself, it'll fit inside.
  • How to Care: Warm water wash. Low temp dry. Can be reused again and again
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration 


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