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Huge lot of assorted decorations-Gold

Item Number: LOT_GOLD


  • Huge lot of assorted decorations in Gold color.
  • Lot consists of: pearls, ribbon roses, rose buds, tulle, pull bow, ribbons, wedding rings, candles, headpieces and pearl flowers.
  • Items are pre-determined, not customizable.

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Take your personalized color scheme theme to the next level by decorating your party space entirely in the same mesmeric hue. From the lovely favors and centerpieces, to the backdrop accents and table decoration, create a perfect harmony of enchanting shades in everything your decor comprises of. Efavormart makes it as easy as a one easy click to get all your decorations in your desired color. Providing a huge lot of all the necessities for favor and table decorations, we have once again made your party decorating task a breeze. This one lot alone is enough to decorate hundreds of favors plus other craft projects you want to add a personal touch into. The wonderful items included in this great deal are: :
144 x 3/4" Poly Rose Buds
144 x 1/2" Boutonniere Rosebud
2 x 24yd 3mm String Beads
1 x 25yd 7/8" Organza Ribbon
1 x 50yd 1/8" Pull Ribbon
1 x 25yd 1 1/2" Organza Ribbon
1 x 25yd 3/8" Organza Ribbon
1 x 10yd 1 1/2" Wired Organza Ribbon
12 x Mini Floating Rose Candle
144 x Wedding Rings
12 x Pearl Flowers
2 x Headpiece