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Handcrafted Rhinestone Pen Set - White

Item Number: BC10_PEN_WHT

$8.99 Sale Price
$13.04 Retail Price

  • Pen Base: 3.5" wide x 3.5" long
  • Pen Length: 6.5" longPen included, Black ink

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Give your wedding the Royal Treatment by using this bedazzled basket from our Royal Treatment Rhinestone set. Flaunt your royalty with this rhinestone studded set and flash your way down the aisle. Mix functionality with elegance with our classic but fashionable Pen & Holder Set. Perfect for guests to sign-in and leave their well wishes in your guestbook (sold separately). A definite must on your entrance table to your BIG celebration.

Approximate Measurements:
Pen Base: 3.5" wide x 3.5" long
Pen Length: 6.5" long
Pen included, Black ink
Material: Satin Fabric with Rhinestones
Uses - Wedding Favor, Party Favor, Birthday, Event, Decoration


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