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11" | Set of 10 Square Dinner Plates With Shiny Gold Rim, Disposable Plates, Party Plates Square Dinner Plates With Shiny Gold Rim, Disposable Plates, Party Plates Square Dinner Plates With Shiny Gold Rim, Disposable Plates, Party Plates Square Dinner Plates With Shiny Gold Rim, Disposable Plates, Party Plates

Set of 10 - 11" White Disposable Plastic Square Dinner Plates With Shiny Gold Rim

Item Number: PLST_PLA0093_WHTG

$7.49 Sale Price
$123.82 Retail Price

Material: Hard Plastic
Quantity: 10 Dinner Plates
Color: White/Gold
Size: 11"
Shape: Square
Style: Banded Rim
Type: Dinner Plate
BPA Free: Yes
Eco Friendly: Yes
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.
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      Create a style statement this special event with our modish Square Gold Rim Plastic Dinner plates. Elegantly fashioned in contemporary square shape with premium quality plastic and beautifully embellished with a glimmering gold hot stamped trim on the outer and inner rims, these classy disposable plates will outshine the ritziest of tableware. Glossy luster of refined quality plastic mimics the opulence of real china, while metallic gold accents on the rims give an absolute royal sheen to your tablescape. Styled fashionably in trendy square shape, this deluxe Plastic Dinnerware  will instantly augment the temptation and scrumptiousness of your appetizers, main course, pastas, salads, and other delicious treats.

      Bring a dash of sparkle and sophistication to your dining and banquet tables with this topnotch dishware. For a truly upscale table presentation, pair this square dinner plates with our square shaped bowls, glasses, cups, votive holders, glass vases, and other decorations. Create a dream-like cohesive party decoration by placing these elite plates along with our gold polished cutlery and gold stemware atop gold-tone tablecloths, table linens, table runners, and table mats.

      BPA Free

      Totally Safe to Use. The item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA).


      This item can be recycled under various recycling programs.


      Ideal for serving your Dinner, this versatile 11" Square plate is perfect for a variety of fare. Use it for salads, pasta, and sandwiches, too! The wide rim expertly frames each dish and helps prevent messes or spills by keeping foods and sauces contained on the plate.


      This elegant Shiny Gold Rim design is sure to draw attention while adding an upscale look to your wedding receptions, banquets, or other catered events.


      Made of Hard Plastic, this plate gives you superior strength and durability without the hefty cost and risk of breakage. Plus, while it looks just like real china, it still provides the convenience of disposability that your events require.

      : Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe

      Perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, and upscale catered events


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