Set of 2 Natural Wooden Mr & Mrs and Love Wedding Cake Toppers, Rustic Cupcake Topper Decorations

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Quantity: 2 Cake Toppers
Material: Wood
Color: Natural

Set Includes:

  • 1x "Mr & Mrs" Cake Topper
  • 1x "Love" Cake Topper
Mr & Mrs Topper Size: 4"W x 6"H
Love Topper Size: 6.75"W x 6.25" H
Thickness: 2mm
Can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, ice cream etc
Features: Light but sturdy wood, laser-cut, food safe, durable and reusable.


Natural Wooden Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your wedding cake with our Set of 2 Natural Wooden Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers. Crafted from natural wood, these toppers exude rustic charm and are the perfect finishing touch for your special day. Whether you're planning a traditional wedding or a rustic barn affair, these toppers will elevate your cake to a new level of sophistication.

The Mr & Mrs topper is a classic choice that symbolizes the union of two souls. It complements any wedding theme and looks especially stunning on a tiered cake adorned with delicate white flowers and lace. The natural wooden texture adds a rustic element, creating a beautiful contrast against the softness of the cake. Your guests will be captivated by the romantic ambiance created by this elegant topper.

Not only do these Mr & Mrs cake toppers enhance your dessert presentation, but they also serve as a cherished keepsake that captures the essence of your special day. After the wedding, you can display them in your home as a reminder of the love and commitment you share. These toppers are a perfect blend of style and sentiment, making them a must-have for any wedding decor.

Natural Wooden Love Wedding Cake Topper

Looking for a versatile and charming cake topper? Our Natural Wooden Love Wedding Cake Topper is the perfect choice. Crafted from natural wood, this topper adds a touch of rustic beauty to your wedding cake or cupcakes. Whether you're planning a bohemian garden affair or a rustic barn wedding, this topper will effortlessly complement your theme.

The Love topper allows you to express your affection in a simple yet meaningful way. It can be paired with various decor elements, such as fresh flowers, succulents, or a cascade of greenery, to create a natural and organic vibe. The wooden texture of the topper adds warmth and character to your cake, making it a standout centerpiece that will impress your guests.

In addition to its decorative value, this Love cake topper serves as a treasured memento of your special day. It captures the essence of your love story and can be displayed in your home as a beautiful reminder of the commitment you've made. With its rustic charm and heartfelt sentiment, this topper is a must-have for any wedding decor.

Rustic Cupcake Topper Decorations

Looking to add a rustic touch to your cupcakes? Our Set of 2 Natural Wooden Rustic Cupcake Topper Decorations is just what you need. Made from natural wood, these toppers bring a touch of organic beauty to your dessert display. Whether you're hosting a wedding, a birthday party, or any other special event, these cupcake toppers will elevate your decor.

The rustic charm of these cupcake toppers makes them a perfect fit for a variety of themes. They can effortlessly enhance the ambiance of a rustic barn wedding or add a natural element to a garden party. Simply insert them into your cupcakes and watch as they instantly transform your dessert table into a captivating display.

Not only do these cupcake toppers enhance the visual appeal of your treats, but they also serve as keepsakes that capture the essence of your event. Your guests will be delighted to take home a cupcake adorned with these charming toppers. These rustic cupcake topper decorations are a delightful addition to any event decor, adding a touch of natural beauty and whimsy.

Additional Information:

  • Easy to use: These toppers do not need additional auxiliary tools and can be directly inserted into cupcakes, cakes, ice cream, desserts, fruits, and other food you want to dress up.
  • Uses: Perfect party decorations for flower-themed parties, oh baby parties, baby showers, weddings, boho-themed parties, and birthday parties.