Set of 3 | Gold Trim Clear Glass Apothecary Party Favor Candy Jars With Snap On Lids - 9"/9"/8"

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Quantity: Set of 3 pcs
Material: Glass
Color: Clear | Gold Painted Rims

Jar 1 :

  • Jar Height: 9.5"
  • Height w/Out Lid: 5.75"
  • Body Width: 4.25"
  • Opening: 4"
  • Fillable Depth: 5"
  • Base: 3.5"
  • Jar 2 :

  • Jar Height: 8.75"
  • Height w/Out Lid: 5.5"
  • Body Width: 4"
  • Opening: 4"
  • Fillable Depth: 4.5"
  • Base: 3.25"
  • Jar 3 :

  • Jar Height: 8.5"
  • Height w/Out Lid: 5.5"
  • Body Width: 4.5"
  • Opening: 4"
  • Fillable Depth: 3.25"
  • Base: 3.25"
  • Perfect use for Stylish Counter-top Storage, Organizing Your Craft Room, Mantel Worthy Decor, Decorate Your Bathroom and Kitchen.


    Trim Apothecary Jars

    This contemporary shaped Apothecary Jar Set is a set of three assorted style clear glass jars with lids. Fashioned from premium quality sturdy glass and modeled elegantly in modern trumpet shape with a removable lid featuring a cute ball holder, these pretty jars are a real treat to the eyes.

    Jars With Lids

    These canisters are not only visually attractive but highly versatile as you can use these to glam your dessert and candy tables up by filling with multi-colored sweets and treats, as decorative display canisters for your kitchen counter storing rice, sugar, spices, and even pasta, or add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom space by displaying mini soaps, swabs, bath salt, cotton balls, cotton buds, and other accessories.

    Glass Candy Jars

    Gift this crystal trio as a wedding gift or housewarming gift to your friends or fill with sand and sea shells to make an adorable beach-theme wedding centerpiece.

    Additional Information:

    How to Care:
    • Prior to first use, glass pieces should be hand washed individually in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a lint free cloth.
    • For optimal finish & clarity, clean with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, let stand for a few hours then rinse well and dry with a lint free cloth.
    • Our glass is produced overseas in extremely large quantities for our wholesale customers, due to transit and mass storage, all vases should be cleaned before use to remove any accumulated dust/dirt.
    • Glass pieces should not be cleaned in a dish washer. Do not use products in microwaves or conventional ovens.